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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Ethics and Social Responsibility at New Belgium Brewing

1) Describe the role of ethics and social responsibility at New Belgium Brewing? 2) How has ethics and social responsibility helped to position the Fat Tire brand at New Belgium 3) Make the case for incorporating ethics and social responsibility to enhance the competitive marketing advantage for New Belgium Brewing Company

Managerial Accounting - Ethics and stakeholder analysis

Suppose you are the CFO of a listed company. The shareholders, creditors, analysts and other stakeholders are awaiting the announcement of your company full-year financial results at the end of the month. The market consensus is your company's earnings to be $2 per share. However, you know that the earnings per share

Business Ethics and Hotel Injury

Here are links to TWO cases. The first case, the Margreiter v. New Hotel Monteleone, Inc. case, is the decision to the case in your homework problem. Within that case, you will find mentioned the second case: Nordmann v. National Hotel Company, 425 F.2d. 1103 (5th Cir. 1970). That case establishes the basis by which the court in

Ethics and Compliance: Wal-Mart

Someone please help me analyze the data in the annual reports and SEC filings for Wal-Mart. Use the information for 2009 and 2010. I need to address the following: 1. Evaluate your organization's financial performance during the past 2 years, using financial ratios. 2. Calculate the ratios for each year: a. Current ratio b

Case 1: Ethics, Moral Dilemmas, Tough Decisions

Companies are developing ethical policies and guidelines for legal reasons, but also to clarify what is acceptable and what is not Do you think any of the issues raised in the case required clarification? Would you take exception to any of them being classified as inappropriate behavior? Why do you think these things hap

Playing while on duty.

One particular fourth-grade teacher is a favorite of the schoolâ??s students and their parents because she is actively involved with the students during the school day. While on recess duty, this particular teacher always participates with the children in the games they are playing. During recess one day, the teacher was playin

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

With the focus on Managerial Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Companies such as Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, and Tyco are recent examples of bad corporate behavior. Can you think of an issue within a company you have worked for in the past or currently working for or a recent case from the business press that would als

Ethics of Peer to Peer File Sharing

What do you think of the ethics of peer-to-peer file sharing? Is peer-to-peer file sharing the same as copyright infringement? Who is harmed by the activity? Who is helped? Do you think the users of Napster should have had permission to download the copyrighted music?

IMA Ethics: Behavioral Aspects of Budgeting Using Budgetary Slack

Norton Company, a manufacturer of infant furniture and carriages, is in the initial stages of preparing the annual budget for next year. Scott Ford has recently joined Norton's accounting staff and is interested to learn as much as possible about the company's budgeting process. During a recent lunch with Marge Atkins, sales m

Business Ethics: Discuss Home Depot. Good Ethics or Shrewd Business?

In the Case of the Home Depot below, is it inherently unethical to make business decisions that add long-term value to the business and which do not violate law or social convention? Why or why not? Explain your position. What alternatives to Home Depot's action would you consider more morally appropriate in consideration of

Ethics of Mixing Public and Private Imperatives

In the situation below what are the ethics of mixing public and private imperatives in this way: Please view posting # 379459, which can be accessed at this link:, to view the case study. No further download is required.

The Air Force Break

Attached is a "case study." Give me your opinion on these two questions: In your opinion, would Mr. Vandivier be morally responsible for any "accidents" that resulted when pilots tested the brake? Would this responsibility be shared with any others? Explain.

Business ethics assignment 7

1. Identify 1-2 ethical values that can be applied cross-culturally. Why is it challenging to come up with a large list like this? What does that tell us about the challenges inherent in international business? 2. Imagine that you are the COO of a major corporation in the United States. You have traditionally manufactured

Business Ethics

How far should the principle "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" extend in international business? Why do you feel that way? Is it possible and important to set as a goal for the rest of the world to live a consumer lifestyle on a par with the United States? Is this up to Americans to decide? Why or why not?

Ethic Case Analysis

I have attached a copy of the book files... I hope it helps! It is in order Required: 1. Follow the seven steps ethical decision making process and reason out what the accounting firm should do in this situation. 2. Assume that the auditing company decided to switch back to the modified operating method subsequent to th

The Great Recession - Ethics of the Borrower

While most of us have our opinions regarding our recent...and ongoing...housing problems, I would like to explore the ethical side as it relates to the home buyers involved who now find themselves either foreclosed or facing foreclosure. You are free to put forth your own scenarios, either from your own personal experience, the

Business Ethics: Are consumers free to choose which products to purchase?

Please answer the following questions. Describe why some people say that consumers are not free to choose which products to purchase. Do you consider this to be an important issue? Why or why not? What does advertising do for consumers? What does advertising do to consumers? In what ways are ads helpful and in what ways

Marketing Use of RFID Technology to Consumers

Research and discuss the use of RFID technology and its use in marketing. What are the potential ramifications of this technology to consumers? What is the outlook for the next few years with regard to RFID?

Compare and contrast corporate social responsibility and ethics.

In my opinion, the most exciting developments in security management can be found in technology. I am what some would call an early adopter of new technologies, so it is no surprise that I get excited looking at new technology. As it pertains to security, I like the developments in identification. Technology like facial recog

Business Ethics: Right to Privacy Business Ethics

1. Explain what you take to be the strongest argument in defense of an employee's right to participate in managerial decision making. Explain what you take to be the strongest argument against such a right. Which argument do you find more persuasive? 2. It is often said that business can be like a poker game. In what ways

Business Ethical Issues

Why would a company choose to understand report on, and improve their ethical conduct? Use specific examples to support your answer. The response addresses the queries posted in 360 words with references.

Business Ethics: Dow Corning Breast Implant Scandal

Please see below the article on the breast implant scandal with Dow Corning. Describe their findings. In Breast Implants Scandal, Where was Dow Corning's Concern for Women? In the annals of business ethics, the fall from grace of Dow Corning Corporation was particularly precipitous. Here was one of America's 100 most profit