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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Organizational and Environmental Responsibility

· Identify the drivers of organizational and environmental responsibility. · Describe the affect of these drivers on sustainability practices. · Define an Environmental Management System. · Explain the ISO 14001 approach to EMS. Include an introduction and conclusion

Resarch Practices That Are of Questionable Ethics

1. Name some research practices that are of questionable ethics. Explain why you think they are questionable. Be sure to focus on Research Ethics. 2.What benefits can be gained from case studies? What dangers, if any, are there in using case studies? In what ways are they useful? Support your answers 3. Provide

The ethics of manipulating ROI and residual income; 'big bath' technique

Manipulating return on investment and residual income The October 5, 1998, issue of Business Week includes the article "Who Can You Trust?" authored by Sarah Bartlett. Among other dubious accounting practices, the article describes a trick known as the "big bath," which occurs when a company makes huge unwarranted asset writ

Managers as ambassadors of ethical behavior

Hospitality managers represent the hotel, resort or restaurant and company policy to employees. How do managers represent the ethics policy and behavior to employees? Provide examples to explain your answer.

Employee Ethics in Credit Checks and Monitoring & Teaching Ethics

1. Provide a specific example of a time that you made an ethical decision. Provide a list of three different people the decision affected; Describe in detail how your decision affected each of the three people; If you had a chance, would you have made a different decision given the insight you have gained from the experience?

Whistleblowing at Enron: Sherron Watkins

'Ethics in Action' questions referencing Enron employee Sherron Watkins: 1. When an employee learns of apparently unlawful behavior on the part of his or her employer, does the employee have an ethical duty to blow the whistle on the employer? 2. Do any ethical duties or obligations of the employee come into conflict in

business responsibility center

http://maaw.info/ResponsibilityAccountingConcept.htm In your job (or in your personal home life), which of these segments 1) revenue centers, 2) cost centers, 3) profit centers and 4) investment centers more closely exemplify your personal of business responsibility center. Please discuss why the segment type you chose best

New cola flavor for Pepsi

Assuming that the product is a new cola flavor for Pepsi (will use a fictitious product name as an example): PepsiCo. Was first established in 1902 and founded by drug store owner Caleb Bradham who developed the popularized fountain drink with the vision of creating an astounding product that consumers could enjoy internation

Project Management: Code of ethics, trade-off, potential risks, contract changes

1. Summarize the importance of adhering to a professional code of ethics. 2. What is meant by a trade-off? Who are the major players in performing trade-offs? 3. What are the methods, tools, and capabilities that will allow the project manager to "sense" potential risks before they are fully developed? 4. What kinds of chang

Business Ethics: Human Resource Policies and Stakeholders

1) Do you think human resources should govern ethical and legal issues? How might HR policies govern unethical or unlawful behavior? Do we need laws that enforce ethical codes? How might a situation in business be legal but unethical? How might a situation be ethical but illegal? Give an example of HR policies that address or en

Business Ethics Organizations

1.) Imagine your organization had no policy or code of ethics. If the company's top executive asked you to create a code of ethics policy for the company, what would you include? What approach would you use? Why would you select that approach? Provide at least two examples of items you would include in your code of ethics and de

Business ethics discussion

Discussion: Discuss an issue relating to ethics and information technology that you (or someone you know) has experienced in the workplace.

workplace ethics

You are the Assistant human resource manager for Proctor and Gamble. One of your tasks is to monitor the e-mail of all employees. You have discovered an e-mail that you would consider "sexual harassment," which was sent from one employee to another. What specific action steps would you take in this situation? What are your ethic

Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility: Whistle Blowing

1.) How might a small business owner, whose business has grown from an owner and an operator to employing 12 people over several years, create the organizational culture and organizational values of the business. Consider that the same business has grown to employ 100 or more people over several more years. How might the aaproac

You are an accountant in the budgetary, projections, and special projects department of American Conductor, Inc., a large manufacturing company. The president, William Brown, asks you on very short notice to prepare some sales and income projections covering the next 2 years of the company's much heralded new product lines. He wants these projections for a series of speeches he is making while on a 2-week trip to eight East Coast brokerage firms. The president hopes to bolster American's stock sales and price. You work 23 hours in 2 days to compile the projections, hand deliver them to the president, and are swiftly but graciously thanked as he departs. A week later you find time to go over some of your computations and discover a miscalculation that makes the projections grossly overstated. You quickly inquire about the president's itinerary and learn that he has made half of his speeches and has half yet to make. You are in a quandary as to what to do. Address the following questions: 1. Please define the word 'ethics' and summarize what issues/ramifications might apply to this example. 2. What are the consequences of telling the president of your gross miscalculation, both ethical and non-ethical? 3. What are the consequences of not telling the president of our gross miscalculations, both ethical and non-ethical? 4. Are there other ethical implications or issues that you and the president need to consider in this situation?

You are an accountant in the budgetary, projections, and special projects department of American Conductor, Inc., a large manufacturing company. The president, William Brown, asks you on very short notice to prepare some sales and income projections covering the next 2 years of the company's much heralded new product lines. He w

Ethics and Levels of Ethics

Is ethics something you either have or do not have? Is it really that black and white or are there shades of grey, certain 'levels of ethics' shall we say? Do these levels change if there is 'opportunity' or a sense of inequity?

Internal Controls and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Please help answer the following questions. What are some areas that may require internal controls at your organization? How does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act affect the preparation and control of financial statements? Why can't ethics replace internal controls?

Responsibility of Merchandise of Reardon by Oceanic Carriers

The moment that Oceanic Carriers took possession of the televisions they assumed responsibility for the merchandise. Oceanic Carriers failed to protect the merchandise ordered by Reardon from Ressorp, Inc.; therefore, they should be held responsible for the merchandise being stolen from their property." If you owned Oceani

What are the differences between ethical and moral issues?

1. What are the differences between ethical and moral issues? 2. What are the differences between personal ethics and business ethics? 3. Provide real-world examples of common ethical problems in business for each of the questions above.


When the FASB issues new standards, the implementation date is frequently 12 months from date of issuance, and early implementation is encouraged. Becky Hoger, controller, discusses with her financial vice president the need for early implementation of a standard that would result in a fairer presentation of the Company's finan

Annotated Ethics Checklists

Could you please help me prepare an annotated checklist of ethical considerations for doctoral research. The checklist should have two sections: The first section will be comprised of generic ethical considerations, and the second will pertain directly and specifically to the topic related to Multicultural workplaces.