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    Business Ethics: Human Resource Policies and Stakeholders

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    1) Do you think human resources should govern ethical and legal issues? How might HR policies govern unethical or unlawful behavior? Do we need laws that enforce ethical codes? How might a situation in business be legal but unethical? How might a situation be ethical but illegal? Give an example of HR policies that address or encourage ethical practices.

    2) What is the definition of a stakeholder? Which of the different stakeholder groups interests are the most important, and why? What ethical responsibilities does an organization have to different stakeholder groups? How might ignoring the needs of one stakeholder work in favor of another stakeholder affect the organization? Give an example.

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    1) How might a situation be ethical but illegal? give an example of HR policies that address or encourage ethical practices.
    No, I think that human resources should not govern ethical and legal issues. Let us consider legal issues related to financial statements and SOX 2002. The HR is not equipped to tackle these issues. Further, ethics in a firm are enshrined in the code of conduct of a business. There are many aspects of business to which HR is not privy so it cannot be required to govern ethical issues. The role that HR can play is that it can receive complaints about ethical violations, can carry out hearings, and can give verdicts on the issue based on the company ...

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