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Business Philosophy and Ethics

How might an auditor's ethics be challenged while performing an audit?

It is the responsibility of management to apply accounting standards when communicating with investors and creditors through financial statements. Another group, auditors, serves as an independent intermediary to help ensure that management has in fact appropriately applies GAAP in preparing the company's financial statements.

HR Responsibility to broker peach between Wright and Collins

See attached case file. What responsibilities does the HR department of a company have? What specific actions should Jane Rintoul take? OPERATION MANAGER: IAN HAMILTOM SHIFT SUPERVISORS: BRENDAN WRIGHT, TYSON COLLINS JOB-SCHEDULES PLANNER: TERRY JACOBS JOB SCHEDULES COORDINATOR: PETER VIJUC As Jane Rintoul, attemp

Salt Lake City Organizing Committee for Olympics in 2002

The Big Business of the Olympics and Bribery LEAD STORY-DATELINE: The Washington Post, January 15, 1999. Salt Lake City and the state of Utah are considered synonymous with the Mormon Church and the morality that flows from religious pursuits. A recent bribery scandal relating to Salt Lake City's successful bid to host the

Ethics Issue of Enron's and Worldcom's Accounting

During 2002, Enron corporation hid large liabilities from its balance sheet. Worldcom admitted to recording expenses as assets. Both companies tried to improve their financial appearance by window-dressing their financial statements. Is this an ethical issue? If yes, what is the ethical issue? Do research on these two companies.

Ethics and Social Responsibility for International Firms: Sweatshops in Honduras

Please see attached case study. Questions 1) Many employees in sweatshops, having come from jobs that pay even less and offer no benefits or security, see employment in a sweatshop as a means to a better life. What rights do human rights advocates from developed countries have to oppose the use of sweatshops by foreign f

Ethical issues and social responsibility in doing business internationally.

1) What types of ethical issues has your company, or a company with which you are familiar, faced in doing business internationally? Include text concepts that relate to your example. 2) How are/were these ethical issues handled? 3) What are ethical and socially responsible issues that may be implied in the global perspec

Ethics vs profits; net income vs cash flow; TVM economic impact

1. Why do many business managers feel that ethical behavior is essential to the profitability and survival of their firm? 2. What are the similarities and differences between net income and cash flow? Is it possible to have positive net income and negative cash flow? If so, how? 3. How do you think the time value of mone

International Industries Corp: Ethics, accept bribes as inducement, responsibility

Two weeks after firing two top managers for failing to meet company standards at International Industries Corporation, your supervisor has appointed you to research why the previous managers have been fired. After researching, you discovered that they were fired for taking bribes from a representative agent to buy certain produc

Ethical Questions Pertaining To Internet Job Rights by attorney Mark Grossman

Weather you're and employer or an employee you should know what your rights are when it comes to Internet use in the workplace. Mark Grossman a Florida attorney who specializes in computer and Internet law gives answers to some basic questions. Scenario 1 Nobody told you that your Internet use in the office was being monitor

Discusses business ethics from various perspectives

The solution discusses decision making in business from an ethical standpoint. Solutions to a specific case outline the various decisions that can be made, based on various theories related to ethics. The solution also discusses environmental law and the duties of the EPA. In the case presented, George is the plant manager o

Business Ethics

Should the top executives of the major banks that received bail-out money be allowed to receive large bonuses? Clearly identify the utilitarian and deontological implications of your position. Be clear how your answer respects basic rights and has consequences that are for the greatest good.

Accounts Making Sure That Companies Stay Honest 'Post Enron'

Regardless of how the public perceives the accounting profession as a whole, a recent study suggests that there continues to be a significant disconnect between the perceived responsibility accountants have to their clients and third parties, and their actual responsibilities. The study, Public Perceptions in a 'Post Enron' W

Responsible Business in the 21st Century

Can anyone help me out please. The final project step for this unit is to analyze your CSR report for social accounting. To do this you should write up an analysis that addresses the following questions. 1. In what ways is the company that you are analyzing applying social cost accounting? Give specific examples. 2.

What is the role of ethics in negotiations; how does culture impact ethics?

Prepare a paper regarding the use or misuse of ethics in negotiations. Please include 4 references Be sure to address the following: 1. What is the role of ethics in negotiations? 2. How does organizational culture impact ethics in a negotiation? 3. Describe a personal negotiation in which ethics played a role.

Responsible Business in the 21st Century

Can someone please help me with this because I really don't understand these questions please. I think that they want 200 to 300 words for each one so please can someone help me please Do you think they are doing an adequate job of accounting for all the externalities they are incurring? What do you think British Petroleum

Important information about Ethics Article Review

Ethics Article Review. Using the Electronic Reserve Readings (ERR) for FIN/324, the Internet, or other resources locate an article discussing ethics in accounting and financial decision making. Prepare a review of your selected article. Address the following items in your review: a. Briefly summarize the article. b. Rel

Issue of new bonds for risky foreign expansion - ethical dilemma

You are the CFO of a company that is capitalized with 50% debt and 50% equity. The debt is in the form of debenture bonds, which have relatively weak indentures. The President and COO, who is also a major stockholder, has proposed issuing new secured bonds and using the cash raised to expand into a potentially profitable but v

Business Ethics: Amtrak Case Study of Corporate Social Responsibility

Read this case study at: Answer the following questions: 1) Who are the stakeholders in this case? 2) What are the interests of the stakeholders? 3) What is this corporation's social corporate responsibility in this case