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    Ethics of lenders

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    I would like to explore the ethical side as it relates to the lenders in situations where we now have had either a foreclosure or an imminent one. Briefly describe the issue while sourcing your findings.

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    Lenders Ethical situation when lending

    There is an ethical as it relates to lenders when there is either a foreclosure or an imminent one. The first issue in ethics is the impact foreclosure has on the home market. If a lender, bank, or a financial institution makes a foreclosure successfully and sell the property in the market, it means that extra supply of homes in the market and that means lower costs for homes in the market. On the other hand if the lender delays mortgages or does not sell property, it hast the potential of restricting the supply of homes and driving up the home prices (1). Another, ethical issue is that when a foreclosure takes place there is an impact on feelings of people, Foreclosure means the borrower loses her home and this has ethical implications. A lender from the perspective of virtue ethics may not want to foreclose the property of a borrower who uses that property as her home. The foreclosure has such a strong feeling component that large scale foreclosures ...

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