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Reflections of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

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Write a memo (approximately 2 pages) in which you (a) reflect upon the ethics of the marketing tactics used by subprime mortgage companies referenced in the articles, (b) discuss the impact of these tactics on a neighborhood of your choice, and (c) provide some recommendations as to how mortgage companies might operate more ethically.

The paper will be assessed based on (a) the depth of your reflection on the ethics of the subprime mortgage lending tactics, (b) the depth of your discussion on the impact of these tactics on a neighborhood of choice, (c) the degree to which you suggested a remedy that is explained in sufficient detail, and (d) basic writing skills (good grammar, writing mechanics, etc.).

See the following articles:


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The lenders who ultimately lent funds to people with poor credit and a high risk of default were at the helm of the subprime mortgage crisis because of unethical lending practices that were enabled due to a lack of financial regulation and oversight, deregulation, and the risky securitization of mortgage loans to Wall Street investment banks and the global financial market. Changes in lending practices that were a result of two presidential administrations' attempt to increase homeownership, (Clinton and G.W. ...

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This solution discusses issues pertaining to the subprime mortgage crisis.

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Ethical Issues Surrounding Subprime Loans

Develop a blog aimed at allowing participants to interpret ethical issues surrounding subprime loans. Be sure to address the following in establishing your blog:

• Summarize the concept of subprime loans and the risks they pose to the lender and borrower.
• Critique the role of leadership decision-making in the subprime loan financial crisis.
• Evaluate subprime loans with the notion of social responsibility. Compare and contrast the resulting consequences for these actions.
• What measures have been taken since that time to assure this will not happen again?

Support your blog with at least five (5) scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources may be included.

Length of blog: 3 entries (approximately 350 words per entry)

Your blog should be located at a web site that can be easily accessed by Faculty (e.g., http://wordpress.com/). It should contain text that is readable, links that work, a display of at least one graphic, and content information that supports the assignment requirements.

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