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Government responsibility for care of the elderly

How might the U.S. government encourage stronger social support systems to provide for the aging population? Should the U.S. government step in when the social support system fails?

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Rousseau's Social Contract is a great source for identifying the government's role in taking care of the aging population or any member of our society. In Book I, chapters 6 and 7, Rousseau explains the relationship of individuals to the collective society. Essentially, individuals sacrifice to be part of the greater whole. Therefore, society must uphold its end of the social contract with the individual. I think those two chapters are helpful in supporting the argument for government involvement in social support systems.

You may have heard politicians refer to "the social contract." Most are loosely quoting Rousseau ...

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This solution examines the government's responsibility in caring for the aging population and explains the "social contract" that many U.S. politicians cite when defending entitlement spending on programs like Social Security and Medicare. The principles and sources discussed in this solution are relevant to other populations that require outside support for their survival. The solution includes scholarly sources.