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Causes for the the Rising Healthcare Cost in the U.S.

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I need help identifying:

Identify potential causes for the the Rising Healthcare Cost in the U.S. Also, explain how you would go about assessing these causes in the context of a specific organization.

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The cost of health care in the United States is due to a variety of issues. Unemployment; increase in uninsured, lack of services or care and rising costs are just a few of the reasons for the present health care problems.

Companies that used to provide good health care are either going out of business or cutting back on what they offer, due to their own economic survival. This, therefore, affects important prevention services and other treatment early in the development of a condition. Often, when chronic issues are not given attention early, they worsen, therefore, making the costs higher later.

Underserved areas like rural, or remote regions, like on Indian reservations, often lack quality service providers or are unable to fill positions and provide necessary resources to help with quality health ...

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Personal responsibility, private coverage and regional challenges are discussed.