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The Air Force Break: Moral Responsibility

Attached is a "case study." Give me your opinion on these two questions:

In your opinion, would Mr. Vandivier be morally responsible for any "accidents" that resulted when pilots tested the brake?

Would this responsibility be shared with any others? Explain.


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Mr. Vandivier is morally responsible for any "accidents" that result when pilots test the brakes. He knowingly falsified the reports, graphs, and charts. In addition, all involved with this falsification would also be morally wrong. This would include Mr. Lawson, Mr. Line, Mr. Sink, Mr. Van Horn, Mr. Warren. Your mother probably asked you in the past "If Johnny jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge would you?" In other words, just because "everyone" or even "anyone" is doing something doesn't make it wrong. Also, the end doesn't justify the means: wishing to gain a contract and thus underbidding initiate the string of lies. Going further down the line, Mr. Vandivier ...

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This solution discusses the moral responsibility for "accidents" resulting from falsified test results in a case study based on a brake part that is being made for the Air Force. It discusses who would share in the responsibility in this situation. It includes links and examples.