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Air Force - Customer Requirements

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How does the United States Air Force determine customer requirements?

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1. How does the United States Air Force determine customer requirements?

By 'customer' requirements, I am assuming it means the people who enlist and are recruited into the United States Air Force.

The United States Air Force have pre-set criteria and requirements in recruiting people into the United States Air Force, including: prior service requirements, age requirements, weight and height requirements, health requirements, vision requirements, legal requirements, education requirements, citizenship requirements, ASVAB scores requirements and NCS requirements.

Let's look more closely at each 'customer' requirement.

ENLIST: U.S. Air force Requirements (excerpt)


Only 40 additional slots will be available for the remainder of FY 06. The PS program is only available for direct duty or retraining in the following 7 AFSCs:

· 1C2X1 (Combat Control)
· 1C4X1 (Tactical Air Command and Control)
· 1T0X1 (SERE)
· 1T2X1 (Pararescue)
· 3E8X1 (EOD) - must have a Top Secret security clearance
· 3N1X1 (Regional Band)
· 3N2X1 (Premier Band)

PS applicants include the following:
· PS Air Force
· Army;
· Navy
· Marine Corps
· Reserve, Guard
· Individual Mobilization Augmentee members ordered to Extended Active Duty (EAD) for the Limited Period Recall Program (LPRP).

PS applicant must have separated in the pay grade of E-5 or below and have not been separated for more than 6 years unless currently holding status in the Guard or Reserve. In these situations they will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All PS applicants, regardless of age or marital status, will require a Credit Check ...

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This solution discusses how the United States Air Force determines customer requirements.

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