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    Ethical dilemmas in the workplace as depicted in tv and/or film

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    â?¢How would you describe the fundamental ethical dilemma in the tv show/clip?
    â?¢Who benefits in the scenario? Who is harmed?
    â?¢Do you think this situation was handled correctly? Would you handle it differently?

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    The show is "Fairly Legal" and the ethical dilemmas happen every week. However, the one that runs throughout the show is set up by the main character and her stepmother, who is the same age. Kate, the daughter of an attorney who died, quit to become a mediator. At her father's death, he left part of his legacy to an unknown man. Kate found out information about the man, but she did not want to tell Lauren. The man's place in her father's life could alter the control of the business, a large and important legal firm. The dilemma was to tell Lauren she had the information and then share it, or keep it to herself and pursue the outcome alone.

    The benefit was really unclear, but knowledge is always power, so most ...

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    The ethical dilemmas in the workplace as depicted in TV and/or file is examined.