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Environmental Responsibility

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· Identify the drivers of organizational and environmental responsibility.
· Describe the affect of these drivers on sustainability practices.
· Define an Environmental Management System.
· Explain the ISO 14001 approach to EMS.

Include an introduction and conclusion

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Â? Identify the drivers of organizational and environmental responsibility.
The first driver of organizational and environmental responsibility is government legislation or the threat of government legislation. Most organizations strive to comply with government laws and avoid violations of the law. This is the main reason why organizational and environmental responsibility has increased during recent times. The second driver of organizational and environmental responsibility is that being environmentally responsible improves the standing of the organization with the government. The government feels comfortable in dealing with companies that are environmentally responsible.. Further, there are political pressures being applied on companies to be environmentally responsible. Political parties may ask organizations to increase its environment responsiveness. The third driver is the availability of licenses to organizations that are environmentally responsible. So, to obtain the required licenses, the companies become environmentally responsible.
The fourth driver of environmentally responsible behavior is the company image. If a company wants a positive image it must be environmentally responsible. The fifth drive is to gain competitive advantage. A strong method of differentiation is to be environmentally responsible. Customers favor companies that are environmentally responsible. The sixth driver is pressure from ...

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