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Employee Ethics in Credit Checks and Monitoring & Teaching

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1. Provide a specific example of a time that you made an ethical decision.
Provide a list of three different people the decision affected; Describe in detail how your decision affected each of the three people; If you had a chance, would you have made a different decision given the insight you have gained from the experience?

2. Teachers should not impose their personal values on students and should remain value neutral. If you were the instructor for an ethics course, outline three distinct strategies you would practice in order to ensure you remain neutral.

3. Prospective employers can conduct a credit check along with a background check to determine employment eligibility. Do you feel this is good business practice or an invasion of privacy? Justify your answer with at least three reasons.

4. Conduct online research on monitoring employees in the workplace. Select an internet article andbriefly summarize the article. Pick a side and agree or disagree with the article and elaborate on your point of view.

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Ethical Decision

The ethical decision I made had to do with working for a data entry company. The positions at the company were created around working as a third party to outside companies who needed people to key punch data that was too much for the originating company to do. There were thirty people working at this data entry company. The faster you were at keypunching and the more accurate you were at verifying the data, the higher up you moved in jobs. Some jobs were normal name and address entries, other jobs were financial and government work.

Most of the people working at this company were working full-time and needed the job. I was doing it part-time to earn extra money. After working there for a month, one morning I came in and saw that two people were packing up their desks and leaving. I inquired and found that the company was tracking the keystrokes on jobs and had posted what everyone was supposed to keep up with. The keystrokes were usually high and I found out that those were my keystrokes as I have the ability to do data entry quite fast. That was not a fair thing to do as I had been doing that for many years and these employees needed their jobs. I went into the supervisor and quit. The supervisor could not believe it. I told her exactly why I was quitting – that it was not fair to expect the employees she had to come up to my level in keystrokes when it was not a normal basis for comparison. The people she had working for her were loyal employees who had been there for years. Most of them did not need ...

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