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Ethics, Colombo & Mortgage Fraud Case Study

View the attached file. Case study including Vega, Colombo and mortgage fraud lawsuit involving bribery and inappropriate actions. Discusses flight or fight, influences on stress, primary work stressors, defense mechanisms, and the lawsuit.


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1. The "fight or flight" response is evident in the case in that Colombo first reported the fraudulent behavior to a regional vice president. The vice president "brushed off her complaints" after which Colombo left the office, and took a short leave of absence. Colombo initially worked at fighting the problem by reporting the fraudulent behavior, and when that was not successful, she fled. From the article it is difficult to determine if Colombo experienced the physiological flight or fight responses yet she did view the inappropriate actions of the wholesaler as a threat to her livelihood and went into attack mode. When this action was not successful she reverted to flight, first taking a short leave of absences, and then quitting after sexual harassment was added to the list of inappropriate behavior.

2. The influences on the ...

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This solution involves a case study with Coleen Columbo in the mortgage business, and the ethics of actions in the business. It discusses the fight or flight syndrome, influences on the stress experience, primary work stressors, defense mechanisms, and if the lawsuit is warranted. It includes references.