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    Hospitality Code of Ethics and Training Program

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    Please help me write a plan for an ethics training program that includes:

    - A management training plan that trains managers on the code of ethics (included below) and prepares them to train their employees.

    - A plan for managers to identify ethical problems faced by hospitality managers and a strategy to help them overcome these problems by modeling ethical behavior.

    - Discuss how modeling ethical behavior contributes to creating an ethical culture.

    Company Synopsis:

    Dell's Oasis Resort is a full-service property with 700 guest rooms and suites, 3 restaurants, 2 bars, and 10,000 square feet of meeting space, offering comprehensive convention services. The resort is located in the American Southwest and has 3 swimming pools, 2 whirlpools, and sits on 45 acres of landscaped property.

    Code of Ethics to include: Building Valid Relationships, Ethical Principle Trustworthiness, IT Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility, Fairness, Leadership, Accountability, Discrimination, Improper Decision-Making, Customer Confidentiality, Equality, Diverse Workplace

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    Management Training Plan:
    1) Create a manual with the Code of Ethics - defining each of the topics the organization wants included in it:
    a. Building Valid Relationships
    b. Valid Relationships
    c. Ethical Principle Trustworthiness
    d. IT Responsibility
    e. Environmental Responsibility
    f. Fairness
    g. Leadership
    h. Accountability
    i. Discrimination
    j. Improper Decision-Making
    k. Customer Confidentiality
    l. Equality
    m. Diverse Workplace

    2) Write up instructions for different levels of management to follow and for the lower level employees to learn.
    3) Develop a quiz for employees to take after the classes.
    4) Develop a survey to poll how the classes were conducted, if the material was understandable, and any suggestions to improve the classes.
    5) Purchase software that can visually assist the instructor with teaching the employees about the Code of Ethics or hire a third party to do the instructional teaching.
    6) Organize classes for all employees to attend.
    7) All employees are required by company policy to attend classes and must pass the quiz after classes are done. Any failures of the quiz - require employee to attend classes again.
    8) Distribute the survey and have employees ...

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