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    Business Ethics Theories and Affirmative Action

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    White males have been the most powerful group in the United States for years. Through economic exclusions, enforced by laws and reinforced by deep cultural attitudes, there has existed, in effect, a preferential hiring program for white males. In light of that historical reality and the dynamics that remain in our culture, evaluate the contemporary strategy of affirmative action for minorities to bring about more fairness in hiring and promotion practices. Explain and defend your arguments concerning affirmative action and "reverse discrimination". Apply one of the ethics theories to support your position (Utilitarian, Kant, Rawls, Libertarian, and Egoism).

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    Running Head: Business Ethics Theories and Affirmative Action

    Business Ethics Theories and Affirmative Action
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    Business Ethics Theories and Affirmative Action
    Over past years affirmative action has become dominantly in grained in the U.S policy to tackle issues concerning preferential treatment of minorities. The affirmative action policy was ingrained with the aim to try and establish a morally inclusive society which seeks to achieve equality and fairness for all members of the society. In the early 60s, the affirmative action strategies were more leaning towards increasing black people in formal employment through outreach programs. In this strategy race was taken into accounting a limited way though this was only to enlarge the pool from applicants of a job. How the selection was made after that was based on merit irrespective of race. The contemporary affirmative action is very different from the old one. In the current policies the recruitment process is color conscious from the initial to the ...

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    Business ethics theories and affirmative actions are examined.