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    Business Ethics: Right to Privacy Business Ethics

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    1. Explain what you take to be the strongest argument in defense of an employee's right to participate in managerial decision making. Explain what you take to be the strongest argument against such a right. Which argument do you find more persuasive?

    2. It is often said that business can be like a poker game. In what ways is that true and in what ways is business different from a poker game?

    3. In a local or national newspaper, find an article about a topic related to business ethics. Read the article. Then, write 3-5 paragraphs that answer one of the following questions:

    Explain what the article is about. Identify a privacy issue that is discussed in the article. Do you believe that an employee has a right to privacy in the workplace? How far does that right extend? How are technological advances making this issue more complicated?


    - Explain what the article is about. Describe the nature of the employee/employer relationship discussed in the article as it relates to a "sacrifice" one side or another has made. When should an employee be prepared to sacrifice for her employer? Should an employer have to make sacrifices to its employees? How and why has this employer/employee relationship changed over the past 50 years?

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