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Bill of Rights Privacy & Legal Unethical Activities

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1. This week you are invited to "sound off" on a nonmarket corporate legal issue or an issue stemming from Internet use. There are also many issues that encompass the law and the Internet that could be discussed. For example, consider the circumstances that permit an easy, virtually unregulated way for devious people to sell unapproved drugs to individuals or to illegally sell approved drugs via the Internet. Another possible nonmarket issues topic could be the "hot button" issue of government and Internet taxes. Neither of these issues is going away soon. Please feel free to raise your own "hot button" issue concerning a nonmarket a corporate legal or Internet issue.

2. It is likely that the Founding Fathers had no idea that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights would someday include a right to privacy which would be interpreted to include freedoms related to cyber law and electronic contracts. Today, there is an explosion of issues surrounding individual and commercial free speech and Internet privacy. What types of nonmarket business issues are influenced by Internet free speech and privacy issues?

3. Are there any situations in business that are legal but unethical? Can you think of any situations that are ethical but illegal? Provide workplace examples to support your argument.

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This solution explores timely/ newsworthy issues associated with privacy and ethics. This solution addresses three questions regarding ethics, internet privacy, and current "hot bottom" ethical topics. Additionally, website resources are linked to these questions, which support the accuracy of the answers.

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1. Currently, one of the major issues that is plaguing the legal field is Internet security in relationship to one's password and e-mail information. As we know, organizations can monitor the e-mails and Internet use of their employees. Many people don't know about the issues associated with Internet privacy outside of the organizational setting. For example, if an individual were to hack into my account and disclose my information, who would be responsible? Would it be me or would it be that individual? These are all issues associated with Internet security. Additionally, although some state laws exist regarding Internet security, there is currently not a federal law that ...

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