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    Principles and Practice

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    600 words. The Association of Fundraising Professionals has a code of ethical principles and practices. What does this code have in common with the Association's Donor Bill of Rights?

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    These are a few of the common features and differences between the two documents from the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

    1)Legality of operations is clearly detailed in the Code of Ethics (CoE),but it is not as clear or even specifically included in the Bill of Rights (BoR). The BoR only referred to "prudent judgment," "professional relationships" and "truthful answers". These are ethical measures, but not legal ones.

    not engage in activities that harm the members' organizations, clients or profession or knowingly bring
    the profession into disrepute.

    not engage in activities that conflict with their fiduciary, ethical and legal obligations to their organizations,
    clients or profession.

    comply with all applicable local, state, provincial and federal civil and criminal laws. (Association of Fundraising Professionals, 1964)

    2)Disclosing the use of the donated money or items is mentioned in both the Code and the Rights documents. The wording in both documents are similar, though the CoE referred to the donor's ...

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    This is a description and comparison between the Code of Ethics and the Bill of Rights of a fundraising association, including some of the practices and principles included in each document.