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Does a government have a moral responsibility to provide each citizen with a job? If not, why not? If so, why and is providing such a job at a minimum wage level sufficient to meet your standard?

Do all employees have a requirement to be loyal to their employer? Under what conditions would you consider loyalty necessary from an employee? If there is a loyalty requirement is it to one's direct superior? The CEO of the company? The owners of the company? Some combination of each?

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Government action determines the availability of jobs in a certain country or not.
Government tax policy; This may attract foreign investment, allowing jobs to be located in a country. Also tarriff, quotas and tax breaks all determines the government's interest and ability to create jobs.

A government may decide to reduce the minimum wage, in order to provide labor at a cheaper cost to employers.

Government may impose sanctions on firms that outsource jobs, in order to create jobs.
Again a country's trade policies with other countries could determine the availability of jobs. If a country exports more than it imports, it helps promote local ...

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This posting addresses business ethics. The solution discusses whether a government has a moral responsibility to provide each citizen with a job and whether employees have to be loyal to their employer.