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Ethics of Minimum Wage

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What are the ethical implications of federal minimum wage? Who does it help, and who does it harm? Does raising the current level of the minimum wage increase unemployment, drive business away, or harm the very poor? Will a higher minimum wage raise the standard of living and buying power of the wage earners? A short paragraph is all that is required.

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The issue of minimum wage is a highly debated one among politicians, economists, lay people, and others. Anyone who holds a job is concerned about minimum wage. Employers tend to oppose minimum wage increase, whereas employees, of course, advocate for them. So, what ethical issues arise from the issue of minimum wage? Raising the minimum wage can lead to unemployment as some employers are no ...

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The issue of minimum wage is a complex one to say the least. Depending on which side of the fence you're on, you may either support it or oppose it. Either way, an increase in minimum wage may or may not have desirable outcomes. This discussion focuses on the implications of minimum wage.