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Chart of Accounts responsibility for a multi-location entity

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If you were working for a Company that had multiple locations - in California, Nevada, Texas, Georgia and South Carolina), what would some of the considerations be when developing the chart of accounts, and why? Who should be responsible for monitoring and maintaining the chart of accounts and why? What can happen if someone was not responsible to monitor and maintain in this example?

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Assumptions for problem:
1. It is all one entity.
2. Management (including accounting) is centralized.
3. All locations are similar for types of revenue.
4. Intercompany sales are not an issue.

The most important concept with multiple locations is the ability to segregate revenue and expense by location. This is critical in order to be able to compare locations for profitability, management of resources, differences in state laws and taxation, etc.

The second concept is continuity between locations ...

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In a 316 word response, the solution carefully explains the responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the chart of accounts for a multi-location organization.

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