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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Business Ethics

Wat are three major factors an employer should consider to avoid arbitrarily terminating an employee? What steps should you take if you are terminated by an employer who arbitrarily fired you? Please provide references.

Possible Ethics Violations in Project Procurement Procedures

Review the Scenario and the following addenda items: 1. The Director of ONS (your boss) owns 2,000 shares of Worldview stock and is on the procurement selection committee for the project. 2. Ralph, a network engineer on your project team, has a spouse who is employed by one of the potential vendors for this project. 3

Ethical Behaviour Consistency

Do you see your own ethical behavior consistent across settings (i.e. home, work, community, or religious)? How are they the same or different? What do you believe contributes to these differences (if any)?

Ethics in accounting

Sarbanes Oxley has significantly influenced the public's perception of ethical behavior on the part of auditors and accountants. Let's say that you are a mid-level accountant for a publicly traded company. You're company has had a relatively poor year and are expected to disappoint the market with their earnings release.

Health Care and Human Services

Select an area of health care and human services. Answer the following question: Why are ethics and ethical leadership important in that field? What moral responsibilities would you have as a leader in that field? Develop a moral vision or "road map" that would guide you as a health care or human service leader that incorp

Code of Ethics Analysis

Describe an ethical dilemma a social worker might encounter. Does the NASW Code of Ethics address this dilemma? Does the NASW Code of Ethics adequately guide conduct in instances of this dilemma? If so, explain how. If not, explain how you would amend the NASW Code of Ethics to provide more guidance in this circumstance.

Privacy, Security and Ethics: Movie Details and Relevant Topics

Please read the movie details and consider the relevant concepts from the course, such as privacy, security, access, protection, ethics, etc. Swordfish Demonstrate your understandings of these concepts by creating a project such as a paper. See attachment.

Management Solutions - International Microcircuits, Inc.

International Microcircuits, Inc. Megan Bedding, vice-president of sales for International Microcircuits, Inc. (IM), was delighted when IM was one of the few firms invited to enter a bid to supply a large industrial customer with their major product in a small foreign country. However, her top salesperson for that region had

Ethics, social, and legal responsibility of large corporations

Evaluate the planning function of management within your selected organization. Address the following items in your paper: · Identify at least one legal, ethical, and social responsibility issue that impacts your selected organization. Analyze the impact that these factors have on management planning. · Anal

This job looks at therapy and responsibility.

We've talked about people's behavior, particularly behavior that is self-destructive in some professional or personal way, and social scientists and psychologists offer myriad explanations (excuses?) for this ranging from environmental causes ( something else is responsible for my bad behavior) or genetic causes (someone else, m

Business Ethics Study Questions

1. Discuss autonomy as a basis for argument against employment at will. Do you favor at will employment? Present at least 3 reasons to back up your belief. 2. In spite of the existence of the present legal protection, right of contract and considerations of public policy, is there a need for a new law against unjust dismissal

Press release for Rejuvenation Inc.

Rejuvenation, Inc. is a company that manufactures and sells parts and fixtures for older homes. Much of its success stems from its reputation as a company with high moral values and a strong commitment to people and the planet. It is an organization with a strong culture in support of the natural environment and social responsib

Business Ethics Questions

1. How does the society benefit from an economy built on free trade where both the labor and the buyer only seek personal gain? 2. Why is considering the law not enough for managers to make a decision? What other factors need to be considered? Give an example of a decision that would incorporate all of these factors. 3

Audit: Going Concern Issues of responsibility and reporting

A staff auditor has just returned from a continuing professional education workshop on current auditing standards. One of her managers has asked her to prepare a training session for the rest of the staff. In particular, he wants her to discuss the standard related to the client's ability to continue as a going concern. Requi

Multicultural Management/Business Ethics

NB: Some of the examples and research I use for this course comes from the work of Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner experts in the field of cultural management and have authored many books on understanding diversity in global business, including "Riding the Waves of Culture." And, a reference book I purchased on a tr

Internal Auditors' Code of Ethics

Greg Schwartz, an internal auditor for Ajax Products Company, is pursuing a graduate degree on a part-time basis. Greg and another graduate student, Linda Stephens, have been given an assignment to produce a database for an accounting information systems class. Greg's company has a site license for a relational database manageme

Business Code of Ethics: Are they written and enforced?

Do you think most companies have a code of ethics? Do you think most companies enforce a code of ethics? Explain why or why not. All companies have a code of ethics. It is usually a separate document on what they expect of their employees and the standards they set for themselves. These documents are necessary to ensure tha

Ethics in Global Management and the Global manager's role

1. In Chapter 1 - your text focuses on different environments the Global Manager must assess - political, economic, legal and technological. Take one of these areas and give the class a real world example of a firm dealing with a specific situation and how you, as a global manager, would assess or management the environment or

Ethics Article Review: Ethics in accounting and financial decision-making

Books by Albrecht, and Brealey, (Accounting Concepts and Applications), and (Fundamentals of Corporate Finance), and/or other sources, locate an article discussing ethics in accounting and financial decision-making. Address the following items in your review: Briefly, summarize the article. Relate the article to the assigne

Environmental Issues and Ethicss

Why do you think Universities wants students to have a basic understanding of ethical theory and the historical perspective of the theory relating to environmental issues? Can you give me a personal (or other) example, in either an environmental issue or general business issue, that supports your thinking of why this historica

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsiblity

"Write a brief paper (one to two pages) on the source of moral authority. One often hears the expression, "let your conscience be your guide." Is conscience sufficient to decide what is right and wrong? Does society decide? If Americans, for example, tend to think of a certain action as wrong, does that mean that action is wrong

To what extent has individual ethical misconduct become so commonplace in our society that it is no longer shocking? What impact might this erosion in ethics have on such behavior in the health care industry?"

You are standing by the water cooler discussing with a colleague the latest instance of ethical misconduct just reported in the media. Examples of personal unethical behavior abound: corporate executives doing insider trading, school administrators siphoning money for personal use, and clergymen sexually abusing young altar bo


1. Where do ethics and morals come into play when dealing with the security of a system or database? 2. Should safeguards be built into the coding, or should it be left for the techno-geeks? 3. Who should be held responsible in the event of data/information theft? 4. What role can an ISP play in security against compute