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How Ethics and Spyware Apply to Businesses

1. What is ethics, and how do ethics apply to business? (Explain in details)

2. What is spyware? (Would this include key logging while at work?)

If you use references, please include.

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Ethics are the moral values that we hold. They are a result of our upbringing, culture and life experiences. The following is a thorough explanation of how ethics apply to business:
In today's work environment, managers often face several ethical issues. Some of them include:

A. Laying off employees-Removing bread from someone's mouth is something that any (or most) managers dread. Therefore, in order to address this issue as delicately as possible with employees, the manager should consider things such as giving them advance notice, encourage employees to work until the effective date, how the employees will be affected, if and which employees will be laid off (based on qualifications, performance), ...

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How ethics and spyware apply to businesses.