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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Professional codes of ethics in accounting

You have recently been hired by Jenny and Brad as corporate controller. After being on the job 6 months, you are given a raise and additional responsibilities in other commonly owned corporations. One of you responsibilities is being the check signer. You notice that you are signing checks payable to Design Emporium (a local

Ethics & Integrity - Novice author wrote a moving memoir

A novice author wrote a moving memoir and was lucky enough to be included in the book club list of a reputable talk show host. As a result, the memoir was an overnight success. Shortly after, it was discovered that some fundamental details of the memoir were fabricated. The publisher provided a refund to those who purchased the

Global Responsibility in a Business School

1) Identify Audencia's (Management school in Nantes, France) different stakeholders and draw a map emphazing on their importance and on their commitment to the organization and to global responsibility. 2) Identify 5 priorities for Audencia in the field of global responsibility and propose concrete action plans for each prior

Business ethics and the EPA

#14) Suppose you are an administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency. It has been reported that a small plant in a small town is in violation of the environmental laws. If you enforce the laws' requirements, the plant will be forced to shut down. The plant is the major source of employment for the town, and its closure w

Business Ethics, five virtues of ethics

Five virtues of ethics Exercises 1. Is doing the right thing at work always the best policy to follow in all circumstances? Why or why not? Provide an example that helps illustrate your position. Professional Development 1. If a supervisor insists that you either perform an unethical practice (The supervisor states, "Tha

role of ethics play in financial reporting and anaylsis

What role do ethics play in financial reporting and anaylsis? Can you think of any organizations that have come under fire recently for fraudulent reporting or analysis? Please provide specific examples of what an accountant can do to maintain high ethical standards.

Business ethics

Case study As a counselor in an outplacement firm, you've been working with Irwin for six months to find him a new position. During that time, he has completed extensive assessment work to determine if he's in an appropriate profession or if he might benefit from a career change.The results of the assessment indicate that Irw

Business Ethics

1. How do trust, cooperation, and principles relate to personal ethics? 2.What effect do trust, cooperation, and principles have on the effectiveness of an organization?

Ethics: Personal and Professional Development

Please interpret the results in the attachment, and apply them to an individual's personal and professional development. Include a statement explaining how his or her educational experience has impacted their ethical thinking. Please address the individual's use of ethics in thinking and decision-making and the potential for con


Can you help me with the following assignment? Describe in your own words an incident where Citigroup faced an ethical situation. Describe the consequences of their actions.

Ethics of Child Brides of India

I need write a paragraph on the 'child brides' of India. I just need to write what ethical change, deficiency, or conflict brought it about? I am not sure where to start. This is the web cite I found need your help on this: Thank y

Ethics and Accounting

Net income of john and sue a hardware store that decreased in 2002 Mike Sneed the owner thinks he will need a loan in 2003 from a bank, late in 2002 he tells his accountant to record a $10,000 sale of furniture to his family even if the merchandise won't be sent from the company until January 2003 he tells his a accountant make

Application of Ethics to Individuals and Groups

Why is understanding, acceptance, and application of ethics important to individuals and groups? How do ethical processes become ground rules for individual and group morals, values, virtues, etc.?

Ethics and Accounting Issues: Behind the Enron Scandal

I am looking for help researching Enron in preparing for a PowerPoint presentation. Point form for the slides will be much appreciated. Thank you. TASK: Review the history of Enron using the following websites and two additional websites that you find (please cite on reference slide): Washington Post Business Speci

Reiterate the measures enacted by Congress in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

As the new corporate controller, you would like to reiterate the measures enacted by Congress in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 to the accounting team. Research and summarize some of the provisions of the 2002 act that you would like to include in your presentation. Discuss professional codes of ethics in accounting.


You have been asked to teach ethics to a group of managers. In one part of this you will be discussing the "Power Corruption Cycle". Give an example of power corruption or ethical lapses by an organization's leadership that you can use. summarize and explain how the organization's corrupted leader(s) fits in the "Power Corrup

Siemens Case Study

In no more than 200 words explain the specific insights having an accounting training provides when analyzing the Sharp case. ****Please ans the question above***** not on the questions in the case*** Thanks

The Ethical and Legal Aspects of Healthcare

Justify your decision-making concerning the following situation: You are a paramedic arriving at an emergency scene. A group of scouts have entered a cave that is now filling with water. They were led into the cave by a rather large scoutmaster. Unfortunately, while leading them out of the cave, the scoutmaster somehow manag

Organizational Ethics

Can you please help me on the following questions in regards to Organizational Ethics: a. What functional areas within a organization should be involved in the development of organizational code of conduct/ethics? b. How does HR establish and enforce ethical polices and procedures in the areas of training, hiring, promot