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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Business Ethics Dilemma with parties having conflicting value/ethical systems

Critics of modern culture insist that with the world becoming increasingly smaller it is becoming increasing harder to impose one cultural value system on another culture. Doing business, according to Norman Geisler, with other companies in other cultures, who hold different beliefs, is very problematic for the morally conscious

Ethics program elements in hospitals

Please help with the following problem. What are the key elements of an ethics program? Which of these elements are present in a hospital organization? What improvements to a hospital organization would you suggest and why.

Business Ethic Toolkit

I have read the following article for class and need some help getting started - I have to craft a synopses on how this kit will assist a new manager in creating an their own ethical framework. The article is here, but I can reference other articles. Any help will be much

Computation of net income, responsibility accounting, inclusion of fixed costs

1. One Very Short Paragraph of discussion needed: Computation of Net Income What useful information do we derive from the computation of Net Income? Do not simply answer with the formula for calculating Net Income - Revenue less Expenses. Rather, comment on the value added economic information we receive through the computa

Code of Ethics Analysis for an Organization

(Please keep in mind that I work as a motel manager) Analyze your own organization's statement of business ethics or code of conduct. Does your organization even have one? Compare your organization's statement to the websites listed above and two additional organizations, preferably from your industry/sector. Compose a discus

Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council

Please assist with this: Read the Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council case then respond following these question outlines. According to the majority opinion in the Lucas case, what two types of regulatory action automatically trigger compensation as takings, without needing to examine the circumstances in a case-specif

Bic Lighters and tendency to explode- Ethics

Since Bic lighters were first manufactured in 1972, hundreds of people have been injured by lighters that explode into flames, often when they are not even in use. The Bic Corporation has stopped most lawsuits by offering huge settlements to those people injured by the lighters. One such settlement topped $3M. In these settlemen

Code of Ethics

This solution provides the learner with an example code of ethics. This solution utilizes a womans health care center as part of the example.

Business ethics: Define trade secret and apply it to the flier received from RGS&H

Define trade secret. Rob Lebow, the director of corporate communications for Microsoft, received a flier from Neal Hill at Rossin, Greenberg, Seronick, & Hill (RGS&H), a small New England advertising agency . The flier stressed the agency's familiarity with Lotus 1-2-3, which was the main competition for Microsoft's new spreadsh

Business ethic, whistle-blowing policy

Rockland International has a seven-year-old whistle-blowing policy that requires employees to report any suspicions of unethical or illegal conduct and assures employees that they will not suffer any adverse consequences from complying with the policy. Art Holmes called Rockland's whistle-blowing hotline and presented copies of

Compliance Strategy - Integrity Strategy Dichotomy

Looking at the Compliance Strategy - Integrity Strategy Dichotomy, the Classical - Socio-Economic continuum and the Teleological theory, synthesize these into a coherent whole through discussions. In other words, how do all of these fit together (or do they?).

Accounting Ethics in ABC Corp

Business people facing ethical dilemmas are not uncommon; however, how one chooses to resolve the situation is critical. At ABC Corp, a six-step approach has been used very successfully. They are these: 1. Obtain the relevant facts. 2. Identify the ethical issues form the facts. 3. Determine who is affected by the outcom

Ethics Inventory

YOUR ETHICAL PERSPECTIVE CHARACTER:You tend to base your ethical perspective on what it is good to be, rather than what it is good to do . You believe that attention to ethics should focus on the achievement of moral excellence. When asked to judge whether an individual's actions are ethical, you look beyond the actions to the

Ethics and Safety

Discuss the Role of Ethics in Creating a Safe Work Environment (200 words or more and 2 reources)

Business Ethics

Discuss in detail: 1. Generally speaking, why is business ethics important? 2. What should be the primary focus of business ethics, and why is this so? 3. Is it necessary for everyone in a business organization to fully understand and practice sound business ethics all the time? Why or why not?

Attorneys' Ethical Responsibility

Situation Your first big case is a multiple murder. As defense attorney for Sy Kopath, you have come to the realization that he really did break into a couple's home and torture and kill them in the course of robbing them of jewelry and other valuables. He has even confessed to you that he did it. However, you are also aware

Deontological and Consequential ethics consider what we ought to do.

Please discuss whether you feel that as of now your ethical position tends toward Deontological or Consequentialist Ethics. Remember that "Relativist Ethics," in which anything goes as long as the mass amount of people believe a value is good, is a radical extreme of Consequentialist Ethics, and one that would be rejected; just

EEO Regulations, Compliance, Values and Ethics

Please help me get started on this assignment. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. a. Identify at least five EEO regulations with which your organization must comply. b. Explain how your HR department manages compliance with these regulations. c. Analyze challenges that HR faces in complying with regulations d.

Managerial Implications

OTA, Please answer the following International business law inquiries: A) You subcontract most of your manufacturing to suppliers in developing countries. What responsibility, legally and ethically, do you have to monitor conditions there? Is there any accountability? B) You are a CEO of a small privately held organiza


Dear Rahul, I assign it to you. As I have done work with you before. Pls confirm. Discuss ethical issues, legal issues, and criminal motives. In particular, discuss the differences between an unethical act and an illegal act, as well as the motivations for these acts. 300 words with proper and direct references.

ETHICS CASE: Anita is Dorchester Stores new assistant treasurer

I need help with this scenario. Anita Zurbrugg was just hired as the assistant treasurer of Dorchester Stores. The company is a specialty chain store with nine retail stores concentrated in one metropolitan area. Among other things, the payment of all invoices is centralized in one of the departments Anita will manage. Her pr

Ethics article - Employee discriminated against

In this paper, identify the ground rules manifested in the situation, as well as which ethics theories apply. What seems to be the basis of the issue? What ethical change, deficiency, or conflict brought it about? How did the organizational leadership come into play? Then, propose a plan for revising the ethical standards and th

Organizational Ethics Issue Resolution

Please help me with this assignment: Select an organization ethics issue. Based on the selected issue, apply each of the six ethical decision-making steps to your selected issue. Be sure to discuss the six distinct parts that correlate to the following items: a. Issue clarification b. Stakeholder analysis c. Values id