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    Normative Ethics

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    My question is... should Bernie Madoff have been awaiting trial in Prison or at home?
    While Madoff is now in jail, I want you to think about how much time he spent out on bond before trial. Think long and hard about our criminal justice system and the difference between white collar crime and other kinds of crime.

    Please answer this question. Be sure to make your argument out in terms of normative ethics. The point of this is to learn the basic system of arguing for why your answer is for the greatest good and respects basic rights.

    *Make your answer out in terms of normative ethics.

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    Bernie Madoff should have been awaiting trial at Prison. The reason is that the size of his fraud was so large that any federal officer could have estimated a large number of years in prison. So, from the deontological perspective it was the duty of the officers to place him in prison. In addition, it was also the duty of the officers to make sure that Bernie Madoff did not escape. Even the best watched houses have experienced getaways. Besides, Bernie Madoff had a lot of wealth, was old and faced a potentially large sentence. It was the duty of the officers to ensure that Bernie Madoff did not escape.

    From the perspective of teleology, the outcome of simply watching Bernie Madoff's house when he was not taken in served to ensure that Bernie Madoff did not escape the law; however, it did not ensure that he spent time in prison. Bernie Madoff has been awarded 150 years in prison, had he spent time in prison when he was awaiting trial the purpose of the law would have been served better.

    From the perspective of virtue ethics an officer of character would feel that it was fair to keep him under house arrest pending his trial. But was it an act of good character? Bernie Madoff crime was so large that he would have to forfeit $170 billion in assets and spend 150 years in prison. Just as Judge Denny Chin revoked his $10 million bail in March 2009, he should not have been granted the bail considering the magnitude of ...

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