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    Business Philosophy and Ethics

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    Code of Ethics

    How do the code of ethics of the Institute of Internal Auditors and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners compliment each other? Institute of Internal Auditors Code of Ethics Link: http://www.theiia.org/guidance/standards-and-practices/professional-practices-framework/code-of-ethics/code-of-ethics---english/ Assoc

    Case 13-27 Ethics and the Manager; Shut Down or Continue Operations

    Marvin Braun had just been appointed vice president of the Great Basin Region of the Financial Services Corporation (FSC). The company provides check processing services for small banks. Read the full case and answer the required discussion questions. 1. From the standpoint of the company as a whole, should the Ashton pr

    Accounting Ethics: Jurgen's older equipment reclassified as inventory

    1. On the basis of the above unaudited financial statements and the statement made by the loan officer, would the company qualify for the loan. 2. Last year Jurgen purchased and installed new, more efficient equipment to replace an older heat treating furnace. Jurgen had originally planned to sell the old equipment but found

    Organizational Ethics Issue Resolution

    I have to select an organization ethics issue. I also have to apply each of the six ethical decision-making steps to my issue and structure it so it has six distinct parts that correlate to the following items: a. Issue Clarification b. Stakeholder Analysis c. Values identification d. Issue Resolution e. Addressin

    Ethics Dilemma for Chemotherapy Court Order

    A 16 year old young man was diagnosed with Hodgins Disease and underwent a round of chemotherapy which left him weak and sick. He refused further chemo treatment. He and his parents traveled to Mexico for an herbal treatment called Hoxsey. The U.S. oncologists sought a court order to force him to have the chemo treatment

    Is Religion an Ethics Breach in Public Speaking

    There was an article in the newspaper about a valedictorian whose speech was cut short because she began speaking about religion and proselytizing. One of the school administrators literally pulled the plug on the microphone to interrupt her valedictory speech. Were any ethics breached here? If so, who was "right" and who

    Business Ethics: trend in behavior towards discrimination and the environment

    In the 1980s and for most of the 1990's, the preponderance of ethical issues in a business setting involved discrimination or harm to the environment. Now fraudulent and dishonest conduct on the part of senior executives are capturing headlines and calling into question business ethics. Why is this trend occurring now? What

    Employee honesty: effectiveness of an ethics program

    In a recent research study at Ohio State University, a professor found that even honest people, left to their own devices, will steal from their employers. In this study, the researchers gave financial services workers the opportunity to steal a small amount of money after participating in an after-work project for which the pay

    Who is responsible for actions of the group?

    One facet of group behavior that is often overlooked is the concept of "responsibility". Group polarization, groupthink, conformity, and other group decision concepts we've learned about and researched, help us understand the sway that others, particularly group leaders, can have on groups. Post an answer to the following quest

    Flyodor Dostoyevsky: Crime and Punishment

    In Fyodor Dostoyevsky's great novel, Crime and Punishment, the main character plots and carries out the murder of an old woman who has a considerable amount of money in her apartment. After killing her, he steals the money. He argues that 1) she is a malicious old woman, petty, cantankerous and scheming, useless to herself a

    Reference regarding a former employee: do you tell the truth?

    A company has called you for a reference regarding a former employee. You remember the employee as less than stellar. The dilemma is: Do you tell the truth and let the new company know that the worker is not competent, or do you withhold the whole truth and help the worker get the job?

    John Doe's Will

    As a nurse, you are the last person to see Mr. Doe before he dies in hospital. You believe that he has become mentally incompetent in the last few hours and in that time he has rewritten his will. In the new will he viciously attacks each member of his adopted family and reveals that he actually was born a woman. He then cuts ev


    I heard a story about some professional actors who were planted in press conferences during the last presidential campaign to pose questions to President Bush that were "staged" so that he had a prepared response. I do not know any other facts about this. Have any of you heard anything more on this? If so, what do you

    Ethics: Compare and contrast the Utilitarian and Kantian arguments

    A) Compare and contrast the Utilitarian and Kantian arguments for viewing privacy as a right. Note the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. B) Employees in the United States have less protection than anywhere else in the industrialized world. What protection is there? How do advocates of greater protection argue that th

    Laws and Ethics

    Are ethics needed if we have laws to follow? It seems that without ethics, laws could not be created. Ethics provides the basis for a group of people to develop laws. In other words, they are not mutually exclusive. We need them both. given that, any company needs to have some code of ethics to follow. Otherwise, how wil

    Sarbanes Oxley Act and Ethics

    Do you think that businesses are more ethical after the passing of the Sarbanes Oxley Act? What examples are there to support you answer?

    Ethics: actions to change adverse environment decisions; treatment of employees

    1.The company you work for has made a decision that - although legal - adversely affects the environment. You feel strongly that the decision is wrong. Describe two actions you could take to try to change the decision. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. 2. Consistent with its cost-based strategy, the company yo

    Journalists and CEO's: Liberals and Conservatives

    It has been suggested that journalists are generally more liberal and CEO's are usually more conservative. Do you think this is true? Present your opinion on this issue and provide several examples of recent news events and their coverage that support your position.

    Breach of Ethics: dental students

    Recently, there was a breach of ethics by some graduating dental students. On their electronic transcripts ten of them had forged a professor's (they looked over his shoulder to acquire his password) signature on clinical work which they had performed. Apparently they had performed the work, but never acquired the authorized s