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    Who is responsible for actions of the group?

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    One facet of group behavior that is often overlooked is the concept of "responsibility". Group polarization, groupthink, conformity, and other group decision concepts we've learned about and researched, help us understand the sway that others, particularly group leaders, can have on groups.
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    If people can be persuaded by the ideas of another person, in your opinion who ultimately holds responsibility for the actions of the group: The person with the ideas OR each individual group member?

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    In my opinion, each individual group member should be held accountable for the actions of the group, no matter whether the group outcome is positive or negative. This is so because responsibility is a collective as well as an individual discipline - one cannot say that because of someone else's suggestion, he or she acted in a ...

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    200+ words explain how responsibility should be intelligently handled in a group where the tendency is to share it to the point that no-one feels ultimately responsible.