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Ethics Dilemma for Chemotherapy Court Order

A 16 year old young man was diagnosed with Hodgins Disease and underwent a round of chemotherapy which left him weak and sick. He refused further chemo treatment.

He and his parents traveled to Mexico for an herbal treatment called Hoxsey. The U.S. oncologists sought a court order to force him to have the chemo treatments. The young man won the case. The settlement requires him to report his progress to the oncologists every three months. He must also see a radiation oncologist who also practices alternative medicine.

The issue is: what if he had lost the case and presented to the treatment center for forced chemo treatments. If you were the nurse who had to administer the treatment to a 16 year old boy against his will, would you do it?

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The oncologists do not have any right to subject a patient to a treatment against the will of the patient or his family members, as long as it ensures that the disease is not contagious or a threat to ...

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This solution of 151 words explains the ethical issues with the court order for chemotherapy and the role of the government and family in this case study.