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    Code of Ethics: management as well as employees

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    The most difficult issue with a code of conduct/ethics is the lack of compliance by those who consider themselves above the code of ethics. The majority of well known infractions of the code of ethics are conducted by executive management. The executive management of Enron approved the company code of ethics, yet they were instrumental in violating every aspect of the code of ethics. They not only cheated the investors, but they also cheated their employees. Many executive violate the company code of ethics, and then take negative action against subordinates who follow their example. Explain

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    When executives create ethics rules and the violate them, it is an issue of power. This power makes them feel both above the rules and when other violate the same rules, necessitates them sanctioning others. We see this in law making bodies from Congress to city councils. Rule making is a powerful position, but because they ...

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    The solution examines the compliance with the Code of Ethics. Executive management and ethics is analyzed.