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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Environmental Issues and Ethicss

Why do you think Universities wants students to have a basic understanding of ethical theory and the historical perspective of the theory relating to environmental issues? Can you give me a personal (or other) example, in either an environmental issue or general business issue, that supports your thinking of why this historica

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsiblity

"Write a brief paper (one to two pages) on the source of moral authority. One often hears the expression, "let your conscience be your guide." Is conscience sufficient to decide what is right and wrong? Does society decide? If Americans, for example, tend to think of a certain action as wrong, does that mean that action is wrong

To what extent has individual ethical misconduct become so commonplace in our society that it is no longer shocking? What impact might this erosion in ethics have on such behavior in the health care industry?"

You are standing by the water cooler discussing with a colleague the latest instance of ethical misconduct just reported in the media. Examples of personal unethical behavior abound: corporate executives doing insider trading, school administrators siphoning money for personal use, and clergymen sexually abusing young altar bo


1. Where do ethics and morals come into play when dealing with the security of a system or database? 2. Should safeguards be built into the coding, or should it be left for the techno-geeks? 3. Who should be held responsible in the event of data/information theft? 4. What role can an ISP play in security against compute

How does diversity influence evolution of personal ethics?

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words. How does diversity of background and experience influence the evolution of personal and individual ethics? Please be very clear and concise so I can better understand what is being asked. Be very detailed so I can try to understand this question.

Relations & Changing Ethics

Why might ethics we use to relate to each other be changing? What might account for this? Please explain in great detail so I can clearly understand what is being asked.

Responsibility of CPA

Please read the attached case study and answer: When Mrs. Levi informed the CPA of her suspicions regarding Betty, what responsibilities, if any, did the CPA have to pursue this matter? In addition to preparing tax returns for Howard Street Jewelers, alternately assume that the CPA (a) audited the business's annual financial

Project Management Ethics

The project is moving along with the normal set-backs?nothing major, though, until today. In your regular status meeting with one of your project vendors, the account manager, George, closed your door and told you that you have a problem. One of his developers, Patrick, was approached by one of your team leads and asked to do so

Business Ethics

Set forth an ethical problem that arose in your current or a former place of employment. Then, show how this problem could have been resolved by using the Ethical Decision Model (pp. 112-120). Be sure to use all four steps in the model. Ethical Problem: Step 1: Clarifying the Question Step 2: Determining its relevance f

Critical thinking

Analyze the relationship among ethics theory, critical thinking, and professional behavior.

Ethics Case study

To assist you with your case analysis, you may want to address several of the following items. This should help you get started with this case study analysis. List all of the stakeholders in the SUV controversy and explain their desires and interests in whether auto manufacturers continue to produce SUVs. What do you thi

Ethics Policy Proposal

Provide your actual ethics policy proposal for GreatestColas' Eastern Europe division, as well as your strategy for ethics education for your division. Set forth legal/ethical international business practices.

Business Ethics

Please help me with the following questions: 1. What is meant by the term "business ethics?" 2. Compare and contrast business ethics to the actions of organizational leaders at Target Corporation. 3. Discuss and examine a recent breach of business ethics within the discount variety retail industry. 4. Use the actions o

Gauging Level of Ethics

It is interesting that in a group of 1,500 people, they would all say they are ethical and the same statement would be made by anyone in a company. However, we know that this is not true and my question is, what have you found to be indicators of either peoples' ethics? How can you gauge their level of ethics?

Stakeholders and accounting ethics

Mike Singletary, president of Singletary industries, wishes to issue a press release to bolster his company's image and maybe even its stock price which has been gradually falling. As controller, you have been asked to provide a list of twenty financial ratios along with some other operating statistics relative to singletary ind

Cost accounting managerial emphasis

Decentralization, goal congruence, responsibility centers. Hexton Chemicals consists fo seven operating divisions that operate independently. The operating divisions are assisted by a number of support groups, sucj as R&D, human resources, and environmental management. The environmental management group consists of 20 envir

Ethics Leadership

Why is integrity an essential component of ethics leadership? These are some ideas I have come up with in my research but would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thanks! Integrity is the foundation of Ethics in Leadership Integrity is displayed when people act in ways that are always honest and credible, and c