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Parents Access to Email

Should Justin Ellsworth's Parents have been given access to his email?

Please answer this question in three to five pages. Be sure to assess, separately with thorough explanations, the utilitarian and deontological considerations.


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> NOTE: This is a very open-ended assignment with no right or wrong answers. Since you must write 3-5 pages (double spaced?), it would prove useful for you to first expand on what others are saying about the case. See my suggestions below under part a. Then, integrating your opinion in relationship to others, you would weave part b into utilitarian and deontological considerations. It should be very simple.

a. Should Justin Ellsworth's Parents have been given access to his email?


> History

Lance Corporal, Justin Mark Ellsworth was 20 years old, and part of the U.S. Marine Expeditionary Force. According to a dedication site, "while conducting a dismounted combat patrol during combat operations against the enemy during serving as Combat Engineer, 2d Platoon, Company A, 2d Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM II on 13 November 2004, Justin received an initial reading on his metal detector indicating the potential for a possible improvised explosive device, and realized that it was only 50 meters away from the patrol base where numerous Marines were. Therefore, he immediately focused his efforts to identify and neutralize the threat to his unit.

Demonstrating a complete disregard for his own personal welfare, he selflessly moved forward exposing himself to the potentially lethal effects of the explosive. Once Lance Corporal Ellsworth positively identified the location of the improvised explosive device, determined that it was not wired and it that it was in all probability a remote controlled device, he immediately sounded the warning for his fellow Marines to clear the area. Only seconds later, the improvised explosive device was detonated by the enemy mortally wounding Lance Corporal Ellsworth.

There were a total of 11 Marines within 30 meters of the detonation, and another four Marines within 30 meters. Lance Corporal Ellsworth courage and ...

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The solution determines if parents should have access to their child's email address.