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    What is it about Southwest that keeps them successful? Are their strategies different than other airlines? Should other airlines use them as a benchmark?

    how important is business ethics when considering operations? Do you feel your organization is ethical? Would you speak of if it wasn't?

    Technology has transformed the way many organizations conduct business. In your current organization can you describe a way in which technology has improved operations? Is your organization one that embraces technology or resists it? I look forward to your feedback.

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    // There are various factors that have contributed to the success of Southwest Airlines. One among them is their business model which has made it a business leader. In this paper, we would try to bring out the strategy of the company that has contributed to its success. We will discuss how these are different from other companies and whether other company's should use them as a bench mark. //

    Southwest Airlines is a leading force in airline industry. The company's business model has been one of the best in the industry. The company model based on loyalty, quality and trust has helped it to retain its position as a leader for more than 25 years for now. The company keeps on updating and evolving its business model so as to keep themselves in sync with time and changing business environment. The reason behind the success of the company is the policy of low cost, non frills, efficiency of aircraft and point to point routes which it has followed all through these years. In addition to these, it is the only carrier that does affiliate to national pilots union (DiCarlo, 2002). There are various strategies that the company has used which have proved to be successful. These strategies are discussed below:

    The company treats its employees as an asset as they believe that they can help the company to garner profitable returns.
    The company follows a competitive pricing strategy while deciding the fares. This has resulted in keeping their fares low ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 930 words with references.