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    Identity of Units, situations it must go.

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    Describe a work-related situation you feel could be improved. For example, you want to streamline the process for reimbursing employees, or you want to create a high-tech website for your small business but have no experience in programming or graphic creation.) Once you have determined your project, consider the following:

    1.Identify the needs of the situation?
    2.What is the project objective?
    3.What assumptions, if any, should be made regarding the project to be undertaken?
    4.Who are the main people or departments that need to be involved in this project?
    5.What are the risks involved?
    6.Why would your project be considered a project?

    Every business unit faces a combination of circumstances in its daily state of business affairs. Some may be critical and trying seemingly impossible to solve. Here comes the role of an enterprising person with perseverance, patience, cool and determination to over come every situation be it financial, budget, employees, expansion, training, and procedure, process of manufacturing and marketing.
    All these need immediate attention of the entrepreneur. Having staked his future, his savings, funds borrowed from others he can not afford to sit and muse. He has to act. He visualizes in advance, being constantly immersed in the business, how he will solve these problems. Employees, other stake holder are not bothered about these things. They are keen that they are amply compensated.

    Now this young person makes a strategy to solve all the above problems along with a definite objective to succeed. He has now a project which must be completed within a time frame and budgetary constraints as efficiently as possible. He explains all these plans to his managers who in turn make their best effort to render their best for the success of the project. They train the workers; boost their moral by setting their own example as standard, recommend improvements wherever there is need for it

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    1. Identify the needs of the situation?

    You say you have a situation to streamline the process of reimbursing the employees. Now why should you decide to do it when they have not rendered any thing which needs to be reimbursed? To give a practical shape to the situation we assume to be a small scale manufacturer of automobile spare parts. Since it is a small scale business entity we will address it henceforth as a unit.

    Let us assume the situation that the unit has received a handsome order from a large automobile manufacturer to manufacture spare parts for the vehicles being manufactured by this company. The spare parts supplied by this unit will be used as original equipment for the vehicles manufactured by the company under its brand stamped and name. As such there is stringent quality control of all the parts supplied by the unit.

    2. What is the project objective? And
    3. What assumptions, if any, should be made regarding the project to be undertaken?

    Objective and assumptions:

    The objective of the unit is to enhance the production capacity, acquire technologies and machineries to manufacture precision spare parts in accordance with the specifications, design, quality and quantity of the company's order. Remember this order is crucial for the unit to establish itself:

    i) As a quality manufacturers of spare parts for big automobiles manufacturers;
    ii) Opportunity to expand as a larger business entity
    iii) Boosting production;
    iv) The unit can attract further investment from other investors by paying attractive dividend to the ...

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    To have a realistic view of any situation one has to take the example of any actual working unit, that is a small, medium or big scale organization. But bigger the organization more complex becomes the set up beyond the comprehension of common people. Take the example of a small unit and then gradually enlarge it to other types.
    Now any unit desirous of expanding must go through various situations that have to be tackled in an efficient and result oriented manner. These situations are procuring orders, financial, workers, HR, emoluments and other compensations, Management etc. The unit must be farsighted and visualize well in time the problems it is likely to encounter in the process of expansion. It must have a clear well defined objective and then a strategy how to achieve it.
    All these endeavor fall in the definition of Project Management