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    Building and Managing Teams

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    Triple Constraint and Lessons Learned

    The triple constraint in Project Management is known to be time, cost and scope. The ability to manage these three items very often leads to project success. Identify two success factors from Chapter 11; then compare them with two components of failure from the same chapter. Provide an example of a project you led or were a team

    Employee Management/Incentive Multiple Choice Questions

    1. Which of the following is true concerning incentive pay? a) The award is earned only when the predetermined work objective is totally completed. b) Motivates employees to be more productive, but does little to control payroll costs. c) Awards are granted in one-time payouts. d) Incentive levels are general

    DMAIC Control

    Take a look at For the Control Phase in the Case Study, use the following Criteria 9 and 10 to analyze the case. See attachment for more details. 9. Improvement Sustained Over Time Oftentimes, the impressive improvements attained over the course of a project cannot be sustained in the long run due to a failure to manage ch

    ABC Strategic Plan Documentation

    You have just been hired to the ABC company as its new vice president of strategic planning. The corporation is a conglomerate with divisions in the auto industry, pharmaceutical industry, home movie rental industry, and mass merchandiser industry. The corporation has seen lackluster performance in recent years because its compe

    NIBCO's Decision to Implement an ERP System

    Discuss reasons behind NIBCO's decision to implement an ERP system. Describe the pros and cons of the approach to implementation decided upon by NIBCO. Provide your analysis and recommendation for how the project was managed including management structure. Summarize your findings in a 2 page paper using proper APA formattin

    Re-engineering an organization into cross-functional teams

    You are a top manager at Diamond Company, responsible for re-engineering an organization into cross-functional teams that will result in the layoff of over 30% of your employees. a. Describe the resistance to change at the organization and individual levels that you will likely encounter; b. How will you manage the change proc

    Managing Teams

    Assess the impact of "group think" and "slackers" to the overall performance of the team and make two recommendations for how that impact could be mitigated. Provide specific examples to support your response. Take a position on using employee teams at your current (or future) employer.


    Collocation refers to individuals or groups working in the same locale. Most global organizations have significant portions of their employees working in many different locations, including their own homes; therefore, they are not collocated. 1) What management issues are involved when individuals and teams are not collocate

    Challenges and Stages of Team Development

    There are certainly challenges going through team development. Team storming definitely can be uncomfortable at times. The storming phase often includes misunderstanding or differences of opinion over team goals or purpose. How can a manager move the team through the stages of development? Can electronic communication help or h

    Building Successful Teams

    Discuss factors responsible for the failure of some teams to operate effectively as possible and identify things that can be done to build successful teams. 250 word essay with reference.

    Assessing individual and group dynamics within a team

    As you know how important it is for leaders to be aware of the individual and group differences within their teams. There are individual and group dynamics which impact team effectiveness and overall progress toward team goals. Provide examples of these dynamics. Describe the steps a leader might take to assess individual and gr

    Clearly defining a scope

    Why is it important for a project to have a clearly defined scope statement all parties agree with? What can happen if the project scope is not clearly defined and not agreed to by all parties? Discuss examples in which project scope was not clearly defined, and explain what could have been done differently.

    Team development dysfunction

    Read information provided and answer questions followed. Clearly define what you believe to be the source of the team's dysfunction. What role did leadership play in creating this dysfunction? What role did the team members play? Was there a disconnect between the objectives or goals of the team and their experience, trainin

    High-Functioning, Self-Managed Teams

    Address the steps a team leader must take to both create and maintain a high-functioning, self-managed team. As recent history has shown, tomorrow's challenges will certainly be very different from today's. Take the example of a real-life team that is high-functioning and self-managed. Describe the team, its purpose, and provide

    Building My Own Business

    I am running a new business. The name of it is 'Hawaii Home Away Rental.' I was just wondering how I can use supply chain management and customer relationship management in my business. What type of SCM and CRM systems would I be able to implement? Also, how can I use course assignments with this business?

    Organizing Newly Developed Teams

    In this time of upheaval within Riverside, one of Aileen's major function is to lead. Briefly describe how Aileen will lead her newly her newly developed teams to ensure that all members are clear on their role and direction.

    Diverse Team Building

    Diversity can present communication barriers, which can affect productivity and positive work environments. Team-building activities offer an opportunity for work groups to collaborate, communicate, and learn about one another. Create your own, or select a team-building activity that creates opportunities for collaboration and c

    Writing Company Memos

    Your manager, Mr. Myers, is out of the office and has sent you an e-mail. The e-mail states that you have been doing a fantastic job, and this next assignment is a result of his absence. He asked the board of directors if he could give you the next assignment to complete and pass. Part 1 Mr. Myers tells you that the board

    Choosing Members for a Team

    Assigning team members to task roles is a delicate and critical task. When done correctly, the team members will be excited about their role on the project, feel confident they can successfully complete the tasks assigned, and know they will have some conquerable challenges as they move through the project. To effectively as

    Dealing with Problem Team Members

    As leader of your organization, you have recently noticed that employee morale is at an all-time low. Your company has undergone several drastic changes in the past few months including new management and equipment along with adjustments in scheduling and production demands, and you feel that these changes have a lot to do with

    Including All Points of View

    When a manager includes all points of view in their team decisions and collaborations do they add morale to their teams? If yes, why?

    Virtual Teams - Benefits and Difficulties

    Please discuss in detail the benefits and potential difficulties in using virtual teams. Why might an employer utilize a virtual team? What are some best practices for managing virtual teams effectively? If you were placed in charge of a virtual team whose tasks were to develop a job description, job advertisement, sala

    Group Dynamics Team Building Exercise

    Select an icebreaker activity for an opening session in a meeting. The ice breaker game that I am proposing is called "Survival - A Simulation Game". Type: Group Dynamics Team Building Exercise Description: The group is told that they have survived a small plane crash where the pilot and co-pilot did not survive. It is

    Management - Team Building

    Question 11 How does a better understanding of team-building help a manager be able to better organize a team, diagnose team problems, and handle complex team dynamics in an increasingly global business community? Question 12 Why don't many managers or team leaders assess their teams periodically to identify problems a

    Overview of Yahoo, Microsoft and Google Management

    You work for Google and have been tasked with presenting an overview and history of Yahoo and Microsoft (Google's competitors) as well as a discussion on Google's senior management team? What information would you present?

    Team Building: How having operating guidelines help prevent problems for a team.

    Need about a 200 word response for both. Please refer to attachments. 1.How does having operating guidelines help prevent problems for a team? List and describe 5 operating guidelines that you think should be included. 2.Describe how the concerns of a team leader differ when leading a virtual team from a more standard t

    Team Buliding

    The solution addresses why a consultant or outside observer would be helpful to a team-building exercise and also answers the components to the team-building cycle. The solution is approximately 400 words. The actual case study is attached. Why would it be useful to have a consultant or outsider observe the team and give feed