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Stages of development

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There are certainly challenges going through team development. Team storming definitely can be uncomfortable at times. The storming phase often includes misunderstanding or differences of opinion over team goals or purpose. How can a manager move the team through the stages of development? Can electronic communication help or hurt the stages of development? How?

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Normally, a team will go through five stages of development with each stage presenting its own special challenges to a group of individuals attempting to work together successfully. There are specific actions that the team and the organization can take in each stage in order to support the team's success in accomplishing their mission. During each stage, the manager must adapt their behavior to the constantly changing and developing needs of the team. In order for a manager to successfully move the team through the stages of development and keep them focused, they should pay special attention to the following:

● Clear ...

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The solution discusses challenges going through team development.

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