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    Building and Managing Teams

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    Helping managers to change their working style

    Leadership Challenge: AS a leader of my client organization, I observed a lack of flexibility and a slow decision-making process in many of the departments. I believe that I ams not serving my customers well, and have decided to move to a team environment and to push many of the decisions to the lowest possible levels. In othe

    Virtual teams- Challenges/Trends

    When studying project management what do you see are: 1. The challenges and future trends of managing a virtual (remote) team? 2. The challenges or future trends of managing projects involving teams with members from multiple ethnic and sociopolitical backgrounds? Please be specific and include details.

    Team building in organizations

    What are organizations doing to foster team work in the work place and has it worked? please give example of organizations where team work has worked and how was it made successful? Explain how team work has evoled to be the major managment tool in an individualistic society like America? In what situiatons has team work

    Tucker Knox Corporation Change for success

    See attached files. Read Case 14.1: Tucker Knox Corporation in your text (pages 419-423). You are to act as an OD practitioner who has landed the Tucker Knox Corporation as a client. Create a case analysis using the Case Analysis Format as it appears on page 188 of your text. You can add additional space to this format if you

    Organizational Development: Team Building and Interpersonal Skills

    Every week, the HR division (the company in question is a manufacturer and marketer of food and animal feed ingredients) has a virtual team meeting, where you discuss both specific and general issues relating to CF&F. The focus this week is team and interpersonal skills. Post your thoughts on various interpersonal skills and

    I need your help with building a homepage

    I need your "HELP" I have never done a Homepage and I would like for you to help me. The homepage needs to be attractive for customers to buy from us and if you go to Tripod.com and then click on "build my website" and then click on "Taste of Mexico" there you will find what I have done so far. I would like your opinion and any

    Analyzing and developing emotional intelligence in managers and employees

    You're on your way to motivating your team from a group perspective, but you're still having trouble connecting with your team as individuals. Your mentor reminds you of the concept of emotional intelligence and how it can enhance your leadership capabilities. The five components of emotional intelligence, as described by Da

    Project Managment

    What are the three best techniques in regards to team building techniques and why are they the best?

    Resolving Collaboration Issues in a Small Team

    Here's the problem: As the manager of a group of technical professionals of six people who are working as a team, the majority of the team members have complained about another team member. The complaints specifically focus on a lack of cooperation with other team members and the member continually taking a harsh, inflexible pos