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    Building your own personal website (for a home-grown business)

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    I need your "HELP" I have never done a Homepage and I would like for you to help me. The homepage needs to be attractive for customers to buy from us and if you go to Tripod.com and then click on "build my website" and then click on "Taste of Mexico" there you will find what I have done so far. I would like your opinion and any comments or changes on this page is Greatly needed. I am not very happy with the picture I have so if you have any ideas i would appreciate your HELP.

    Your "HELP" is GREATLY needed and appreciated,

    Thank you SOO MUCH!!

    The accurate URL of my website is www.tasteofmexico.com and this business is hormone free products. I hope I answered your question and THANK YOU again for your much needed HELP.

    When you go to tripod.com then you would click on site builder and then you will click on taste of Mexico. I hope this will help as you are well aware I am not very familiar with this. THANKS AGAIN!!

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    First of all it took me a while to find the website. The URL you stated: www.tasteofmexico.com (doesn't work). Later I figured out that the correct URL is www.tasteofmexico.net which is also http://roxanne_d.tripod.com/TOMindex.html . You should be careful while giving the correct website address to your customers. The web design is neat for a small business website. I haven't seen any problems with the layout. All the meals in the menu section are successfully shown including prices and pictures. The ...

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