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Tourism Management

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1. whether a website on the Internet is vital for the success of a home-based travel business or not.

2. ideas for getting connected and keeping good relations while you have a home-based travel business.

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The issues in tourism management are examined. The idea for getting connected and keeping good relations while you have a home-based travel businesses are determined.

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Is a website vital for the success of a home-based travel business? Maybe. Depends what type of home-based business you have. If you work for a company like AVC, VIPDESK, or KingdomMagic, then your own website isn't really a big part of your business, since those companies are sending calls to you. If you aren't affiliated with one of those, you will need a "host agency" like Nexion or YTB, which will give you a website, as well as the booking tools you need in order to make people's reservations. It's virtually impossible to start a home-based travel agency without affiliating with someone, somewhere, because ARC and CLIA information, licenses, and insurance are very difficult to get.

If we assume for a moment you ARE going ...

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