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    Human Anatomy and Physiology

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    Anatomy and Physiology of Respiratory System

    1. Explain how carbon monoxide interferes with oxygen transport. Be sure to include the binding of CO to hemoglobin. If the air is contaminated with 0.1% CO and CO binds with about 200 times more affinity than oxygen (21% O2 in normal air), then what will be the ratio of oxygen versus CO bound? 2. A 65 yo male patient goes to

    A description of the process of bone remodeling.

    A description of the bone remodeling process with attention to the hormones and the minerals involved in that process. The process is broken down into four steps, with an analysis of the cells, hormones, and minerals involved in each.

    Stages of the Cell Life Cycle

    Discuss the cell life cycle through various stages as chromosomes are replicated ending in the division of the cell's cytoplasm.

    The Link Between the Kins, Kidneys, and Immune System

    This article reviews the common connections between integumentary system, urinary (renal) system, and immune system. Particular attention is paid to toxin elimination, vitamin D production, and protection from invading pathogens.

    Blood Flow Through Heart

    1.) Trace the flow of blood through the heart, identifying all structures starting at the inferior vena cava (IVC) and returning to the IVC. 2.) Compare arteries and veins based on structure and function.

    Knee Joint Injury for Health Science Students

    Our patient, a 45-year old former tennis player, has been recommended for right knee-replacement surgery. Let's discuss the characteristics of the knee which makes this joint so susceptible to injury! Let's also add a focus on the specific muscles used. Where these isotonic contractions or isometric?

    Physiology of Blood

    1. Josephine is in a car accident and loses 2 out of 6 liters of blood. She gets only plasma for replacement. How long will it take for her to get her RBC count back to normal? EPO increases RBC production about 5-fold and it takes an additional 2- 3 days for reticulocytes to mature into RBCs. 2. Alice is a vegetarian with ir

    Joints and Movements

    Need help: 1- Identifying the different kinds of joints in our bodies, describing its manner of movement (if it moves) and providing a location for each. 2- Could you please give a diagnosis for the attached picture?

    Advances in Memory

    The study of the anatomy of memory has come a long way since H.M.'s misfortune. What kind of advances do you think will be made in the next decade?

    Craniosynotosis and Craniofacial Appearance

    1. What is craniosynostosis? 2. Describe the craniofacial appearance of this child with plagiocephaly. How would you write a nurse's note on a chart about it? Based on your knowledge of the anatomy determine where the pathology is- be specific. 3. What are possible outcomes if this is left untreated?

    Human anatomy questions

    1. How is a vasectomy performed? Be sure to cite the specific anatomical structures involved. How does this prevent pregnancy? 2. Where does fertilization take place? 3. At what stage of fetal development does implantation take place? 4. What is an ectopic pregnancy? 5. Distinguish between a identical and non-i

    Blood Smear Count for Anatomy Students

    1. What are the normal expected percentages of each of the white blood cells examined? (neutrophils,eosinophil,monocyte,lymphocyte, and basophils) what are the normal concentrations of each WBC? 2. Can you determine the total number of each of these cells from your smear?

    Summarize organ systems and evolution.

    What main components in cigarettes affect the respiratory system and explain their effects on specific organs, cells and/or processes in the respiratory system? Explain how smoking might lead to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the blood since there are alternate mechanisms of transporting carbon dioxide. Can smoking

    Drawing of the nephron

    Draw the nephron and: a. Name its parts b. Point to the site of ultrafiltration c. Point to the site countercurrent mechanism d. Point to the part that has the highest osmolarity e. Point to the site where rennin secreted f. Point to the site of action for aldosterone g. Point the site where vasopressin causes aquaporin

    Separated Pulmonary and Systemic Circulatory Systems

    Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. In mammals and birds, the pulmonary and systemic circulation are functionally separate. Discuss why they are separate and why this may be important. Consider differences in lung tissue including alveoli.

    Changes in the Body's Neural and Endocrine Systems

    What changes would happen in my body (neural and endocrine systems) and do these systems effect other body systems? Once the fright has passed, how do the different physiological systems of the body interact to return homeostasis to the body and what are the major control mechanisms?

    Blood and Blood Vessels

    * Explain how poor kidney function might lead to anemia. * Compare and contrast arteries and veins with respect to function, tunic size, and lumen size

    Lumbar Puncture Between L3 and L4 Vertebrae

    1. Why is a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) done between L3 and L4 vertebrae? 2. A patient suffers a fractured neck between the C2 and C3 vertebra and is having difficulty breathing. What nerve should the physician suspect has been compromised and why? Thank you

    Neurological Anatomy Questions

    I need help in answering this question, if possible straight to the point answer in a way in which I can understand it well. Thank you so much. A) After a severe blow to the head, a patient suddenly does not produce sensations of hunger and seems unable to tell if he is dehydrated. The attending physician should suspect dama

    Examine sports physiology.

    1. Briefly discuss the positive benefits of exercise on the brain and include how regular exercise maintains neuronal health. 2. Discuss the difference between force and speed of movement during muscular contraction. 3. Discuss what factors regulate heart rate during exercise. Stroke volume? 4. Explain the central com

    Some young men were told by their mothers not to wear tight briefs, as this could make them sterile and infertile. Explain how wearing tight briefs could do this. What alternative methods could you implement to avoid sterility and infertility, and why?

    Some young men were told by their mothers not to wear tight briefs, as this could make them sterile and infertile. Explain how wearing tight briefs could do this. What alternative methods could you implement to avoid sterility and infertility, and why?

    Highlight Homeostasis

    Biological control systems can keep variables (e.g. body temperature) constant without having a reference or command signal like those in an engineering control system. How do you think feedback control is accomplished when there is no signal to compare to the actual value of the controlled variable?