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    Dealing with Muscle Atrophy

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    What steps might minimize atrophy of the skeletal muscles in patients confined to bed for prolonged times?

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    Atrophy is a wasting away or a diminution in the size of a cell, tissue, organ, or part. In your question you ask what happens to skeletal muscles during atrophy. A skeletal muscle that is not regularly stimulated loses muscle tone and mass. The muscle fibers become smaller and weaker. A reduction in muscle use such as those confined to bed can lead to skeletal muscular atrophy. This ...

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    The question deals with how a doctor or medical care provider would approach muscle atrophy.

    The solution defines the problem and what is involved with the situation. The solution also answers the question by providing the steps that one can take to reduce atrophy in muscles. The solution also provides some further reading on advanced techniques that could be used to prevent atrophy.