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    Genetic Mapping

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    I need help with these questions attached. please explain and answer fully so that i can understand:

    You are investigating the human inherited disease sialidosis, Type 1. The symptoms are neural degeneration, mental retardation, hearing loss, slurred speech and muscle atrophy. You have 7 individuals from different families with these symptoms and have discovered that each is heterozygous for a deficiency of part of chromosome 6. Given the information given below about these deficiencies, where do you think the gene or genes responsible for this disease are located? Briefly explain why you think this.

    Location of deficiencies in individuals with sialidosis

    chromosome 16p G banding pattern 20. 21. 22.
    1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 23. 1
    Individual deficiency
    a. 16p 20.1 - 22.3
    b. 16p 20.3 - 22.4
    c. 16p 21.1 - 22.3
    d. 16p 20.1 - 21.3
    e. 16p 20.3 - 22.1
    f. 16p 21.3 - 22.4
    g. 16p 21.2 - 22.5

    You need to determine whether a particular human gene is functioning normally in the body. Would you use a Southern Blot or a Northern Blot as part of your investigation? Briefly explain your answer.

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