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Role of the Endocrine System in Bone Growth and Remodelling

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Identify the role of the endocrine system in the growth and remodeling of bone, include all the hormones and sites of action.

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This solution explores the five different hormones of the endocrine system that play a role in calcium balance and bone remodeling.

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The Endocrine System in Bone Growth and Remodeling

The endocrine system is a major player in bone growth, particularly of the long bones, like the femur. The organs that are involved are the pituitary gland, the parathyroid gland, the thyroid gland, the skin, the kidneys, and the intestine. During growth, the major hormone called growth hormone sets off a cascade the regulates hormones in other organs that are important in bone growth.

Somatotropin (Growth Hormone)
This is the major hormone to promote growth, it stimulates cell growth and cell division. It also stimulates the release of other hormones important in growth, ...

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