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    Neurological Anatomy Questions

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    A) After a severe blow to the head, a patient suddenly does not produce sensations of hunger and seems unable to tell if he is dehydrated. The attending physician should suspect damage to a or a lesion within what general region of the brain?

    B) Based on your understanding of the medulla oblongata's functions, would you expect severe injury to the medulla oblongata to cause death or merely be disabling? Why?

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    A. The hypothalamus. This region of the brain controls hunger, thirst, body heat, and influences things such as weight regulation and balance. It accomplishes these things by ...

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    This solution explains several neurological anatomy questions related to injury and the resulting impaired function. The first question explains about the part of the brain that regulates thirst and hunger, and the second question discusses the function and importance of the medulla oblongata.