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Effects of depression on brain structure

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Please assist me in answering the following questions. Please provide at least 2 pages. Thank you.

1. Choose a specific neurological (e.g., epilepsy, traumatic brain injury) or neuropsychiatric disorder (e.g., depression or AD/HD).

2. Evaluate possible causes of and treatment for this disorder providing examples to support your thoughts.

3. Be sure to include the related functional neuroanatomy.

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Depression can be caused by many different chronic or short term life events as well as every day frustrations, stressors and challenges.
Factors that can lead to depression
Some adolescents and adults may have been undiagnosed with depression, for a long time. Their depression may be complicated by their physical health weaknesses, lack of sleep hygiene and restful sleep, healthy diet, regular physical activity, ability to adapt and cope with stressors in absence of healthy and stable emotional regulation.
To complicate the depressive symptoms, depressed individuals may also be addicted to substance use and /or depend on alcohol. Many brain studies have clearly shown that the brain anatomy changes as well as bio chemistry of a person's blood stream, because of using substances, drugs or alcohol.
When people have been depressed for a long ...

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