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Biology Problem

A genetic locus that is analyzed in many forensic and paternity testing laboratories is the human leukocyte antigen locus known as HLA-DQ alpha. There are four major alleles at this locus known as 1, 2, 3, and 4. How many different genotypes are possible for these four alleles? A. 8 B. 10 C. 12 D. 16 E. 24 Than

Human Genetics Quiz

Exams are approaching quickly and for review, can you please provide the correct answers for the following multiple-choice quiz on human genetics, along with an explanation of the correct answer. Thank you! BIOLOGY QUIZ: MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS ON HUMAN GENETICS 1. Red-green color blindness is X-linked in humans. If a

Genotype Biology Question

Irene's daughter is type A and her grandson's is type B+. She does not know the type of either father. She wants to know the possible blood types of the fathers in order for her grandson to be a B+? (a) B or O (b) A, B, AB or O (c) AB or B (d) A or B (e) A, B, or AB

Biology question about blood type

1. A mother wants to know the blood type of her son's father. What blood type would the father be if her son and herself are both type A+. Also, her (the mother's) brother is type 0 and her mom is A+. What blood type can the father be? The father could be: (a) A. A, AB, B, or O (b) Either A or B (c) Either A or O

Biology Question

If the mother of a child is blood type O+ and the child is A-, what blood type would the father be? Does the Rh factor of the child being - (negative) mean that one of the parents has to be negative? Both the parents are Rh - all of the siblings are Rh-as well. Could two Rh- parents give birth to a Rh+ child? and visa versa?

Biology Question

A man has type B blood and a woman has type AB blood. Can they produce a child with type O blood?" Is a type O possible in this situation? A. Possible B. Not possible

Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes.

1. Which of the following is not part of the lac operon of E. coli? A. genes for inducible enzymes of lactose metabolism B. genes for the repressor, a regulatory protein C. gene for RNA polymerase D. a promoter, the RNA polymerase binding site E. the operator, the repressor binding site 2. (The role of the inducer of t

Produces a pedigree

How can i produce a peddigree that has 3 generations and a trait for Handedness what is the predicton of mode of inheritance?

Conjugational cross/gene order

Analyze the data in the Table and determine the relative order of the four lac alleles with respect to the flanking pro and ade loci.

Inefficient missense mutation suppressors

Hi. Can someone please explain the following answer to me: Q: Do you think that the mutated anticodon ACU (which inserts serine) can suppress a particular missense mutation? A: Yes, the mutated anticodon should insert serine at Trp codons. Thus, some missense mutants that have a Trp replacement in the defective protein mig

Test crosses are examined.

I have a phenotypically purple flowered pea plant with the flowers located along the stem. How do I determine the genotypes and do test crosses on the homozygous and heterozygous genotype and determine the genotype and phenotype ratios of each cross? The process is explained.

Guide for Population-Genetics Problems using the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.

In a particular flower, a single pair of alleles determines the petal color (C). Red flowers have the genotype CR/CR (homozygous for CR), white flowers have the genotype Cr/Cr (homozygous for Cr) and pink flowers have the genotype CR/Cr (they are heterozygous). In a given population, 49 flowers had red petals, 42 had pink pe

Lethal genes in rabbit - pelger anomaly

Pelger anomaly in rabbits involves white blood cell nuclear segmentation. Rabbits homozygous [PP] to this condition are usually still born or die just after birth due to gross illformed skeletal structure. Pelgers are heterozygous [Pp] and normal rabbits are homozygous [pp]. What is the adult F2 phenotypic ratio in all pelger ma

Penetrance in abnormality of eye in flies

A series of crosses in a controlled environment in which all progeny were known to carry a dominant autosomal gene A that causes eye abnormality produced 600 normal flies and 1400 abnormal flies. What is the penetrance of this gene A in this particular experiment?

Blood transfusion is assessed.

A normal person receives blood transfusion from an individual having sickle cell trait. Will this transfusion affect the recipient? Why / why not? Ideas are justified.

Genotypic and phenotypic ratios in hair texture in dogs.

Wire hair in dogs is dominant over its recessive allele for smooth hair. A cross between heterozygous wire haired individuals produces F1 which are then test crossed. Determine from the expected progeny their phenotypic and genotypic ratios.

Lethality in Mexican hairless breed of dogs

Hairless condition in Mexican hairless breed of dogs is heterozygous [Hh] against the normal homozygous recessive [hh]. Puppies homozygous for H allele are born dead due to abnormalities in mouth and absence of external ears. If the average litter size at weaning is 6 in matings between hairless dogs, what is the expected number

Genetics Exercises: 5 Exercises on Crossings- Autosomal and Sex Linked genes

Complete the gene exercise. Refer to attachment. Exercise I We are going to begin by looking at some basic mating patterns, using a couple of eye color mutations in fruit flies. The normal fruit fly has brick red eyes. This is called the "wild type," because the vast majority of wild fruit flies have this co

Helping dyslexic students in and out of the classroom.

What if I have a student that is dyslexic...what are some things that I can do in the classroom, as a teacher to make things easier? Also, what are some tips that I can give the parents and what are some techniques that the school counselor can use when counseling the student?

Bio 100

1. There are three differences between the accomplishments of mitosis and the accomplishments of meiosis. One of these differences is fairly trivial: the other two are very important. What these three differences? For each of the differences, make sure that you clearly explain what it is that mitosis does and what it is that

Determining phenotypic ratio using test crosses

A true-breeding red snapdragon was crossed to a true-breeding white snapdragon. The F1 progeny were pink. When F1 x F1 matings were made, the following F2 progeny were observed. 1850 red 670 pink 831 white Total 3351 a. Using clearly defined genetic symbols, give the appropriate parental, F1 and F2 genotypes in o

Constructing pedigrees to analyze and determine inheritability and probability.

Gaucher disease is caused by a chronic enzyme deficiency that is more common among Ashkenazi Jews than in the general population. A Jewish man has a sister afflicted with the disease. His parents and grandparents, and other three siblings are not affected. Discussions with his relatives in his wife's family reveal that the disea