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Complementation Minimal Media Plates

You are handed six yeast strains: three strains (a, b, c) have a defect in the LEU1 complementation group, the other three (d, e, f) have defects in the LEU4 complementation group (LEU being an abbreviation for leucine). if you plate diploid cells, created from mating the haploid strains together, on a minimal media plate with

Mendel Genetics Problems

Please see attached word document. --- Assignment Part I - Mendelian Genetics (7.5 pts). Information on the analysis of crosses and Chi-square statistics are available under the supplemental reading section of the course website. Below is the Chi-square probability table at 0.05 (5%) Degrees of Freedom Reject the null

The Mode of Inheritance and Gene Linkage for Drosophila

See the attached file. 7. Conclusion and discussion sections: a. how many genes are involved in creating the eye pigment (based on the provided data). Mode of inheritance - are the genes autosomal or sex-linked and why, recessive or dominant and why, and are some genes linked and why. b. Hypothesis statement based on conc

Help needed

AP Bio: Preparation of Human Chromosome Spreads- Kit 4 1. Specify the location and function of the centromere. 2. a) Name the three types of chromosomes found in human cells based on the location of the centromere. b) Which type is not found in human cells? 3. Why is it necessary to expose the cells to hypotonic solut

DNA Questions

A. Biotechnology cannot be used to: ___________ a. Produce large quantities of particular human proteins. b. Produce effective and safe vaccines. c. Identify human fetuses with particular genetic diseases. d. Alter food plants to increase yield. e. Alter the intelligence levels of newborn infants. B. For these

Generation of Diversity Purpose

Explain the purpose (and briefly the method) of generating a TCR transgenic mouse ? Why TCR transgenic mice are often made on a rag-/- background ?

Evolutionary Preservation of Certain Signaling Pathways

I need some help for coming up with some reasons as to why certain cell signaling pathways are preserved in species over the course of evolution. Why would natural selection favor a certain basic, primitive pathway when more advanced pathways have been developed in higher organisms? For example, a particular wound-healing p


Please answer the attached questions about meiosis (attached). --- LAB 10-A 1- With respect to the number of chromosomes, compare interphase of mitosis to interkinesis (between division I and II) of meiosis. 2- Which cell division process (meiosis I, Meiosis II, mitosis, or some combination) corresponds to the following

Genetics - Tetrad Analysis

1) In a tetrad analysis of a new ascomyete, you are observing a difference in phenotype between spores- some haploid spores are shaped like a square/cube (S) while other spores are round (r). When a square-spored strain is crossed with a round-spored strain, you observe 698 asci with the pattern (SSSSrrrr), 245 asci with the pat

Probability - A woman of blood type A and normal color vision...

A woman of blood type A and normal color vision produced five children as follows: a)male, blood type A, color blind b)male, blood type O, color blind c)female, type A, color blind d)female, type B, normal vision e)female, type A, normal vision of the two men that mated with this woman at different times, man #1 is blo

Punnett Squares and Pedigrees

(See attached file for full problem description and diagrams) --- Consider the following five family pedigrees below chosen for study because: 1) two rare conditions are segregating; scaly elbows (X symbol) and a liver disease (filled symbol). 2) the families are large in size. a) What is the mode of inheritance of scaly el

Expected genotype and phenotype ratios

Assume a gene for warped wings (W) in Drosophila that is dominant and X-linked. give the expected genotype ratios and phenotype ratios for the progeny of each of the following crosses: a)warped male x normal female b)warped heterozygous female x normal male c)warped heterozygous female x warped male

Offspring phenotypes

In guinea pigs, dark coat color (C) is dominant over albino (c), and short hair (S) is dominant over long hair (s). The genes for these two traits show independent assortment. By evaluating the possible crosses, determine the most probable genotypes for the parents of each of these seven crosses: parental phenotypes

Corn Kernel Genotypes and Phenotypes

A) While examining an ear of corn, you notice that the kernels in the ear display two apparent phenotypes; yellow and white. inspired by your understanding that these represent different alleles of a single gene, you count the kernels of each type and you asses 347 yellow (Y) kernels and 111 white (y) kernels. if this ear of c


In humans, the ability to taste PTC is inherited as a dominant gene (T; Taster). in a marriage between two heterozygous tasters (Tt): a) what is the probability of 3 taster children? b)what is the probability of 3 taster girls? c)if they have 5 children, what is the probability that the first 3 will be tasters and the last

% of traits passed to progeny

The average pea pod contains about 7 peas. The gene for smooth peas is dominant over the gene for wrinkled peas. If heterozygous pea pods grown from smooth peas are self-fertilized and all of the pods have 7 peas, what percentage of the pods will have: a) all smooth peas? b) 5 smooth and 2 wrinkled peas?


Describe a single gene inherited disease, a multi-factorial (multiple genes and environmental factors) disease, and non-inherited genetic disease. Use Down syndrome, sickle-cell anemia, asthma and breast cancer as examples


What is parental imprinting? What is the result of replacing the sperm nucleus of a fertilized egg with another egg nucleus?

Genetic probabilities

49% of the population has a particular gene. A test has been developed that can determine if a person has this gene or not. The test has a false positive (says the person has the gene when they don't) rate of 6%, and a false negative rate of 3%. What is the probability that a random person will test positive to having this gene