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1 Two new hair dyes A and B were tested in the Ames test. Both were tested with and without liver homogenate. Two auxotrophic strains of bacteria were used, one in which the auxotrophy was caused by a nonsense mutation (mutant 1) and the other by a frameshift mutation (mutant 2). After treatment the cells were plated on minimal

Yeast is examined.

4. In yeast, wild type colonies are white. Adenine-requiring auxotrophs (ad) are red when grown on medium containing limiting amounts of adenine. This is due to the accumulation of a red precursor in adenine biosynthesis. If cells from an ad strain are plated on minimal medium most cells don't produce colonies but two rare ty


(a) Give the genotypes of the two parental goats, showing gene arrangement and gene order. (b) Give the % recombination between each pair of genes. (c) Draw a map showing the positions of all genes and distances between genes, where appropriate (d) Give the formula and calculate the coefficient of coincidence (e) Calcula

Determining haplotypes is achieved.

An autosomal dominant disease (Huntington disease) is being transmitted in the pedigree below. A two-allele marker (designated 1 and 2) has been typed for each family member. What are the mother's haplotypes i.e. which alleles are inherited together? What is the recombination frequency for the marker and the disease locus? What