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Mode of inheritance

Labrador retrievers may be black, brown, or golden in color. While each color may breed true, many different outcomes occur if numerous litters are examined from a variety of matings, where the parents are not necessarily true-breeding. The results below show some of the possibilities. Propose a mode of inheritance that consiste

Expected offspings from block and tortoiseshell female

In cats, yellow coat color is determined by the b allele, and black coat color is determined by the B allele. The heterozygous condition results in a coat pattern known as tortoiseshell. These genes are x-linked. What kinds of offspring would be expected from a cross of black male and a tortoiseshell female? What are the chances

Inheritance pattern problems

Given the inheritance pattern of the coat color in rats described in the previous problem, predict the genotype and phenotype of the parents that produced the following F1 offspring: (a) 9/16 gray:3/16 yellow:3/16 black:1/16 cream; (b) 9/16 gray:3/16 yellow:4/16 albino; (c) 27/64 gray:16/64 albino:9/64 yellow:9/64 black:3/64 cre

Colorblindness is explained.

Since colorblindness is a sex-linked recessive trait: A) fathers of all colorblind sons must be colorblind B) fathers of all colorblind daughters must be colorblind C) mothers of all colorblind daughters must be colorblind D) mothers of all colorblind sons must be colorblind E) all the sons of carrier female

Segregation and allelic frequency problem

Perhaps you are a fan of the PowerBall Lottery Game. We often have our favorite numbers and daydream about how we would spend our winnings. You may be glad to know that you have already won a lottery - when you were conceived. You have some characteristics of both parents - but also characteristics which seem to be uniquely y

Genetics Problem - Color Blindness

Colorblindness in humans is x-linked recessive trait. Question: One out of every 12 human males has red green colorblindness. How common is it among human females. Can you show me how to determine its prevalence among females as a genetics problem? I believe the answer to this problem is 1/200 females are colorblind. I

Can you determine the genotypes of the parents of this cross? Determine the genotypes of the three dogs. Explain why the F1 are all red and how the 9:6:1 ratio of the phenotypes in the F2 occurred.

1.) Fur color in rabbits is determined by a single gene locus for which there are four alleles. Four phenotypes are possible: black, Chinchilla (gray color causes by white hairs with black tips), Himalayan (white with black patches on extremities), and white. The black allele (C) is dominant over all other alleles, the Chinchil

Mendel and the Gene Idea

1.) In dogs, black (B) is dominant to chestnuts (b), and solid color (S) is dominant to spotted (s). What are the genotypes of the of the parents that would produce a cross with 3/8 black solid, 3/8 black spotted, 1/8 chestnut solid, and 1/8 chestnut spotted puppies? 2.) When hairless hamsters are mated with normal-haired ham

Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium for Populations

A) Address the following Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium problem. i) A population of iguanas on the Galapagos Islands has 20 individuals with webbed feet and 180 individuals with the dominant trait of non-webbed feet. What are the frequencies of webbed feet and non-webbed feet traits in this population? ii) H

Concept Map on Genetics

Draw a concept map using the words in the list below. Then write a paragraph summarizing your map - it should be clear from your summary that you understand the meaning and significance of each term on the list, and where it fits into the overall concept. (Your diagram may take any form - flow chart, circle diagram with a

Genetics/DNA Problems

You are studying a human disease that is inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion. You recognize that the disease maps to chromosome 10, so you obtain four DNA probes that hybridize to different chromosome 10 regions. A family in which the disease appears presents itself to a medical genetics clinic. DNA is extracted from eac

Human chromosomes and formulas; abnormal chromosome number

I am having trouble writing the formulas. I know what each X and Y chromosome each possess but I don't know who to write a formula with that. 1. Write a formula for: (a) a male with Down syndrome (due to the presence of an extra chromosome 21) (b) a female with Turner syndrome (only one X chromosome) (c) a female with cr


Consider the following artificially created yeast Ty element: See attached file for full problem description. Upstream from the element has been placed the very strong PGAL promoter which is induced by galactose added to the media. The transcript traverses the whole element (large dashed arrow). Downstream from the normal

Construction of genetic map on the basis of transfer of genes during conjugation

Four Hfr stains of E. coli are known to transfer their genetic material during conjugation in different sequences. Given the time of entry of the markers into the F- recipient: A. Construct a genetic map that includes all of these markers. (12 points) B. Label the time distance between adjacent gene pairs. (11 points) C. I

DNA sequencing and coding

See attached for full problem description You are given a genomic DNA from human with unknown function. You suspect this piece of DNA might code for a protein, but you are not sure which of the 6 frames are really coding. Which frame is most likely coding? Which is the most significant domain match? Does this prote

Hidden Markov Model

CpG islands are stretches of CG-rich sequences in the genome. They are often of functional important, as 50% of the human genes have a CpG island around 500bp upstream of the transcription site. Of course, CpG sequence is not only CG, and non-CpG island sequences could still contain some CG. Therefore, we could use HMM to predic

What is the human RefSeq sequence otholog of NM_007527?

Use reciprocal blast (bi-directional best hit) to find the human RefSeq sequence ortholog for mouse RefSeq sequence NM_007527. Note you should limit the database to RefSeq and select the right organism. You can obtain NM_007527 sequence by searching Nucleotide for NM_007527 from the the NCBI website.

Genetics and Gene Expression

See attached file for full problem description. Note: Please do not use other sources for your answer (Eg: Wikipedia) and please answer in full (Not simplified sentences), I need to be able to understand what you are explaining. When you carry out the working, please use punnett squares and diagrams. Question 2 is the most i

Biology Genetics Problem Set

See attached file for full problem description. 1. A man and woman marry who are both Rh+ and both heterozygous for the Rh factor. (Rh+ is dominant over Rh-.) A. Give the genotypes of the parents. (2 points) Man ______________ Woman ______________ B. What is the probability that their first child will be Rh-? (2 points

Gene Interaction in Corn

Problems are attached on a scan. They are numbered 1 through 3 and they are on the last page. If have attached the lab from which this problem came from.

X-linked Inheritance & Autosomal inheritance

In humans, red-green color blindness is recessive and X-linked, while albinism is recessive and autosomal. What types of children can be produced as the result of marriages between two homozygous parents, a normal-visioned albino woman and a color-blind, normally pigmented man?

Percentage of the offspring will have black fur

(1) Two inbred strains of mice, one strain with black fur and one strain with brown fur, were crossed. All of the offspring had black fur. If the offspring are bred together, what percentage of their offspring will have black fur? (2) Given the B and b alleles from the above question, and the T and t alleles which determine

Multiple choice questions

1. Which of the following genotype below shows a pure dominant genotype? A) Aa B) aa C) AA D) AB 2. Genes that are located at the same position on homologous chromosomes are called A) recessive B) dominant C) alleles D) albinism 5. Which of the following would represent the sex chromosomes of a normal female? A) XX