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Concept Map on Genetics

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Draw a concept map using the words in the list below. Then write a paragraph summarizing your map - it should be clear from your summary that you understand the meaning and significance of each term on the list, and where it fits into the overall concept.

(Your diagram may take any form - flow chart, circle diagram with a central theme and others radiating out from it, etc - as long as it shows how the terms relate to each other and to the main idea. The only unacceptable format is a list of definitions)

Word list:
F pilus,
genotype changes,
naked DNA,
competent cell

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Genotypic changes in bacteria can be a result of 2 ways:

- Spontaneous mutation includes frameshift mutation (such as insertion, deletion).
Mutation is a permanent, heritable, change in a gene or controlling element. Frameshift mutations are caused by any relatively small insertion or deletion that is not a multiple of three nucleotides.

Insertion mutation is caused by single base insertion in the DNA while deletion is caused by single base deletion. This leads to change in polypeptide sequence leading ...

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