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    Segregation and allelic frequency

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    Perhaps you are a fan of the PowerBall Lottery Game. We often have our favorite numbers and daydream about how we would spend our winnings. You may be glad to know that you have already won a lottery - when you were conceived. You have some characteristics of both parents - but also characteristics which seem to be uniquely yours. How does the idea of a lottery apply to your genetic makeup and its expression? In what way? Or does it apply?

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    You could say that the traits that you inherited from your parents were like winning the lottery if you are really pleased with your attributes. When you were created it was from a sperm and an egg from your father and mother, respectively, that randomly contained half of their chromosomal compliment. Humans have 46 chromosomes or 2x23 (2N where N= 23) because each of the 23 chromosomes has a compliment. During the formation of egg and sperm cells a 2N germ ...

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